10 Best SEO Checker Tools that Experts Recommended in 2022

It might be challenging to master SEO optimization, particularly if you’re just getting started. Fortunately, finding the best SEO checker tools is simple now that we’ve gathered them all in one place. We contacted over 20 SEO specialists to learn which keyword monitoring tools are the finest and which SEO software is most popular. You merely need to determine which tool is most effective for your company; you don’t need to test them all.

What are the Benefits of Using SEO Checker Tools?

Using an SEO checker tool eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks like keyword analysis and research. You can examine what’s working and what needs improvement in your approach with the help of these instruments. The most effective SEO tools will also provide reports detailing your standing in relation to the competition and highlighting areas of opportunity. Also, you may evaluate search performance across nations, regions, and languages.

You will feel better in time. Search engine optimization tools allow you to monitor the health of several sites simultaneously. Business owners who manage many online properties sometimes resort to manually compiling and analyzing massive amounts of data. However, it quickly becomes overwhelming and increases the possibility of erroneous reporting. Using SEO checker software, you can easily produce detailed data without spending hours on the task.

Best SEO Checker Tools List

1. Ahrefs


When looking for an SEO tool, many people advocate using Ahrefs. When compared to Google, it is the second biggest crawler of websites. Site Audit in Ahrefs is the gold standard in SEO analysis, and SEO professionals can’t get enough of it. If you want to increase your website’s search engine rankings, the tool will show you exactly where to make those adjustments. It’s common practice to utilize Ahrefs for competition analysis, whereby you may learn about the backlink profiles of your rivals and use them as a benchmark for your own. You may use this SEO checker tool to identify the articles in your topic that have received the most inbound links, identify and repair any broken links, and obtain an overview of your top-performing sites.

Expert Recommendation

Ridester’s Growth Marketing Manager, Syed Irfan Ajmal, swears on the SEO keyword research platform Ahrefs. He says, “Ahrefs is without a doubt our preferred tool for many aspects of SEO, including but not limited to keyword research, rank monitoring, competition research, SEO audit, and research into viral content. Our site, as well as the sites of our rivals, are included. The software then reveals the URLs that connect back to our rivals but not to us. This helps in locating viable link-building prospects. But if Ahrefs didn’t have the biggest database of backlinks, it wouldn’t have been so simple. We attribute 350,000 monthly visits to Ahrefs’ help in ranking for numerous very competitive keywords.

2. Google Search Console (Top SEO Checker)

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps website owners track and analyze their sites’ performance in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). In order to submit your sitemap for indexing, you must first authenticate your website by either adding a code to your website or using Google Analytics. You may manage what content is indexed and how your site is shown in Google’s search results without a Search Console account. Search Console is Google’s official SEO checker tool, and it may provide valuable insight into how Google and its users interact with your site. The ability to submit pages for indexing by search engines is very helpful for newly launched websites.

3. SEMRush


Among SEO specialists, programs like SEMRush have a huge fan base. They are highly regarded by industry professionals since they make it simple to monitor your rankings and see when and where you can improve. The Domain Vs. The domain comparison option is a much sought-after function of this SEO software. You may compare terms and domains in analytics reports to learn more about your site’s search data, traffic, or even the performance of your rivals. You may keep tabs on your rankings and get advice on how to boost your site’s performance using the On-Page SEO Checker tool.

Expert Suggestion (SEO Professionals: Liraz Postan)

An excellent SEO tool is SEMRush, according to Liraz Postan, Senior SEO & Content Manager of Outbrain. The “organic traffic analytics” feature of SEMrush is what makes it her go-to SEO checker tool, she explains. This function gives me a bird’s-eye view of my top articles, along with metrics like social shares, keyword use, and overall word count, all in one convenient location. This provides me with an easy-to-understand snapshot of the status of what is functioning and what may want improvement. SEMrush is a tool I use often in my profession, and I am particularly fond of its site audit feature for improving our website’s performance. Since we began utilizing SEMrush, we have seen a 100% boost in site health and a 15% increase in conversions from the content pages.

4. KWFinder (Keyword SEO Checker Tool)


The SEO keyword tool KWFinder is useful for discovering less competitive long-tail keywords. Professionals use this SEO software to research relevant keywords and examine link profiles and search engine results page rankings (Search Engine Results Page). You can quickly find out where you stand and monitor your progress toward higher ranks using their Rank Tracker feature. If that weren’t enough, you’ll also get a large number of fresh keyword suggestions to use in improving your site’s search engine rankings.

Expert Review (Perry, George)

One of Bandwidth’s SEM Specialists, George Perry, had nothing but praise for KWFinder. I like that it not only provides data on the keyword I entered, but also suggests similar phrases and shows me how they compare to the first term I examined in terms of search traffic, cost per click, level of competition, and so on. Through targeted content that responds to the queries my audience is genuinely asking, I’ve been able to assist my customer’s rank for not just the broad, aspirational vanity phrases, but also the shorter-tail, higher-probability terms.

5. Moz Pro (SEO Tool)

Moz Pro

The SEO checker tool Moz Pro continues coming up in discussions about the greatest tools used by SEO professionals. Some industry experts have praised Moz for keeping up with Google’s frequent algorithm updates. Others have lauded Moz’s chat forum, saying it never fails to provide a helpful answer to any issue. If you need help with anything from keyword research to a site audit, Moz has you covered. How well your site is doing and where it might be strengthened are both areas where you may get valuable information. Download the free MozBar toolbar to see your site’s statistics on every website you visit. Check into MozCon, their annual conference, if you want to learn even more about search engine optimization.

Expert Recommendation (Lindenmuth, Keri)

The marketing manager of Kyle David Group, Keri Lindenmuth, uses Moz Pro as her primary SEO tool. She gushes, “The tool’s “page optimization function” is my favorite part.” It provides detailed recommendations for optimizing each page of your site for search engines. Instructions like “Include your keyword in this page title” and “Add a picture with a keyword alt tag” are among those that may be provided. Because of the enhanced visibility provided by this technology, our client’s company has really benefited. The volume of visitors and the level of optimization of their site may be compared to those of their rivals. By analyzing the sites and search phrases where the competition excels, we can better position ourselves to compete with them. The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is mostly a crapshoot without a platform like Moz. You have no knowledge of your strengths or areas for development.

6. Ubersuggest (Keyword Checker Tool)


Created by SEO guru Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a no-cost keyword research tool that displays the most relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) in response to a user’s query. This free and powerful keyword generator will provide you with hundreds of recommendations for both short and long-tail keywords to utilize on your website. Ubersuggest incorporates metrics including keyword traffic, volume, CPC, and seasonal patterns in its reports. This tool may help you find out whether a keyword is worth pursuing and also how competitive it is, which is useful both for the organic SEO and paid PPC.

7. Answer The Public (Free SEO Checker Tool)

answer the public

Finding content for your site is a breeze with the help of free SEO tools like Answer The Public. In the past, I’ve utilized this tool to improve my search engine rankings by focusing my content creation on a select group of keywords. Let’s say your market is the fitness industry. The free SEO tool may be used to generate content for a wide variety of fitness-related topics, including yoga, jogging, CrossFit, and exercise. Featured snippet chances may be discovered with ease. If you’re planning to employ a freelancer to perform some writing for you, you can just give them this list. It’s one of the fastest methods to generate SEO-friendly content ideas for fresh websites, and it’ll only cost you five minutes.

Expert Suggestion (Matthew Jackson)

Wild Shark’s Head of Content, Matt Jackson, recommends using AnswerThePublic for free SEO purposes. He says, “When I am putting up SEO material for a website, AnswerThePublic.com is one of my go-to resources. The finest element of this tool is that it compiles a list of questions people are asking about another term on the internet. If I’m at a loss for original content ideas or trying to put up a frequently asked questions page, this is a gold mine of information. It’s wonderful for search engine optimization, but it also means our clients can reduce the number of calls to their customer service department by providing answers to frequently asked issues right on their site. Moreover, here’s a hint: instead of craning your neck to see the question wheel, just press the Data button.

8. SpyFu (Free SEO Tool)


Despite the fact that SpyFu has a great paid edition, several of our experts praised the program’s usefulness and ease of use despite its lack of a paid upgrade. If you’re just getting started, you can always upgrade to the premium plan later on. A keyword’s monthly search volume and its competitiveness for search engine rankings are both readily available to you. Checking out the keyword strategies of your rivals might be a useful strategy as well. You may also search for your own or a competitor’s website to learn useful information such as the number of organic keywords they use, the number of monthly hits they get, the identities of their paid and organic rivals, and the Google Ads campaigns they are running. One of the most comprehensive SEO analysis tools available.

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Expert Recommend (Adele Stewart)

Senior Project Manager at Sparq Designs, Adele Stewart, cannot get enough of SpyFu, an SEO checker tool. She reveals, “I have utilized SEMrush and Agencies Analytics before, but SpyFu does have the edge over my client’s competition. While I find value in all of SpyFu’s tools, I find the SEO Research section particularly useful. When you enter a competitor’s domain, you’ll get insights into how they handle SEO on their end. You may compare the keywords for which they are willing to spend to those for which they are ranked in organic search, as well as study their core keywords and evaluate their keyword groupings. SpyFu has proven crucial to the search engine optimization achievements of my customers. There’s a lot more data I can collect and analyze, and unlike with previous SEO tools, I don’t have to put in as much time researching keywords. SpyFu helps me gather the data I need and arrange it in a manner that is easy to digest for my customers. Increases in indexing and ranking for terms we hadn’t even considered are already visible to me.

9. Majestic (Marketing SEO Tool)


Experts agree that Majestic is one of the top SEO marketing tools available. The Majestic Million, which lists the top one million websites in order, is just one of many helpful tools it provides. To what extent did your website succeed? With Site Explorer, you can quickly assess your site’s overall health and the number of incoming links it receives. In addition to its other uses, this tool may be used as a search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research and selection instrument.

Expert (Scollon, Ryan)

Expert SEO consultant Ryan Scollon of RyanScollon.com suggests trying out the SEO checker tool Majestic. He recommends Majestic because “its major feature allows you to verify the backlinks of a website that you select,” which is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. Favorite feature: adding a client’s site and a lot of rivals to evaluate trust flow, referring domain count, and external backlinks count, among other SEO metrics. We are able to better comprehend the [client’s optimization] flaws, and we are able to easily communicate that information with the customer so that they, too, can see where they are in comparison to the competition in a straightforward table. Also, before going on to additional link-building strategies, we employ Majestic to audit the backlinks of our rivals.

10. Google Trends (SEO Checker)

google trends

It’s surprising how few people use Google Trends considering how long it’s been available. It’s useful at any point in a company’s development since it provides information about a keyword and also reveals important patterns related to the issue. You may do a search using keywords and obtain results for any nation, including information about the most popular searches, the fastest growing searches, the interest level over time, and the most relevant places. This is the ideal SEO research tool to employ if you have no idea which trends will work for your site.


Those best SEO checker tools are worth their weight in gold. They provide you with information that would normally take a long time to think about. However, in order to accomplish your goals, you will need to put out the effort. That involves developing material that’s SEO optimized, updating all your product descriptions, using what you’ve learned from these SEO tools, and making improvements. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything essential by using this comprehensive SEO checklist. Most of these resources provide freemium options or trial periods for those on a tighter budget. Give them a shot. Do it. Locate the areas that require work so you can climb the search engine results pages. And if you take the advice the tool gives you, your progress will accelerate dramatically. It is up to you to ensure your success. Don’t hesitate to go forward.



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