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Eenadu Epaper Sunday Book

Today’s Eenadu Epaper Sunday Book: Eenadu Newspaper is a well-known Telugu-language newspaper that is printed in India and distributed in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The total number of people who read the Eenadu Epaper is 5.9M. The Survey of Indian Readership puts it sixth out of all the Indian languages. Find out more about the Eenadu ePaper by clicking here. The Eenadu Education daily also has an online version called Eenadu Telangana ePaper, which is available in the state of Telangana. It has the latest news from all over the country.

About Eenadu

The name of the newspaper comes from the word “today” in Telugu, which is “Eenadu.” In 1974, it all started with a person named Ramoji Roa. There are a few other newspapers in the area of Andhra that compete with Eenadu. Andhra Jyothi, Sakshi, Vaartha, Visalandhra, and Andhra Prabha are some of these. Eenadu has recently opened a number of new businesses, such as Margadarsi chits, which deals in chit money and finance, Priya Foods, which sells food, Usha Kiran Films, which makes movies, Mayuri Films, which sells movies, and ETV (a group of Channels in Television).

Eenadu Epaper

It is now present across the whole of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India. Each district publishes its own edition of the district paper, which includes all of the most recent news from the surrounding region. Because of this, each district has a minimum of one office that belongs to the Eenadu organization.

Eenadu has launched its own online newspaper at It is called Eenadu ePaper. It provides information on the most recent events that have occurred all over the globe to each and every district in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In the online edition of Eenadu, there is a separate version of the program available for each individual district.

Read Eenadu Epaper at:

This passage was like a “jackpot” for Eenadu. This part is sure to be a big hit, with millions of people who might want to read it. This book tells you how to invest your money and get ready for retirement. It also tells you how to pay the least amount of taxes and get ready for any unexpected costs.

Prathiba Eenadu

Readers don’t have to pay to use Eenadu Pratibha’s huge database. It puts out a printed newspaper and a version that you can read online at The data provided includes the following warnings, statements, and other sources. Eenadu has information on a wide range of topics, such as government job postings, current events, practice tests, and breaking news.

Education in the style of the Eenadu Epaper Sunday Book (Eenadu Prathiba). It also lives up to its name by giving people all the tools they need to plan their professional futures. You can find a lot of useful information in this publication, such as sample tests, course outlines, exam formats, and announcements for government jobs. It is also a central online resource for people looking for work after high school. There are all kinds of job postings and alerts.


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