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Hello Guys today, we are going to discuss Eenadu Sunday Book. Where we discuss it and a story for you of (Uma Mahesh Achalla) From Eenadu Sunday Magazine.

Eenadu Sunday Book

Eenadu is a platform where you can find interesting stories. The Language of the site is Telugu. But If you want to read stories in your language then use google translate. The owner of Eenadu is Ramoji Rao.

They provide a lot of stories like inspirational stories, movie news, celebrities, spiritual,  services, new innovations, research, fashion, and much more.

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The Eenadu Sunday Book, which came out for the first time in Visakhapatnam eight years ago, is the largest Telugu newspaper. Because Telugu is easy to understand, it has a large number of readers and has sold more than 3.5 lakh copies. The newspaper is the most widely read daily in Andhra Pradesh. It has over a thousand employees and 250 correspondents all over the state.

The magazine was made on a used printing press, and only 4,000 copies were made for the first print run. In 1976, the newspaper had 48,000 subscribers. At that time, it was almost as big as the Andhra Prabha. When the two other Telugu newspapers, Andhra Patrika and Udayam, went out of business, Eenadu already had more readers than they did.

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A Storie of Eenadu Sunday Book

(Uma Mahesh Achalla)

In the afternoon, when Bangari runs The kilometer-long route between school and home was going through her thoughts like a thread in a Kanakambaram wreath as she wiped the perspiration from her forehead, carried a book bag, smiled, and looked up at the sky.

You are a female. She recalls her grandmother’s advice to quit running and leaping a week earlier. Did the argument start when the master said, “Oh Bangari, you have a younger brother; if you want to go, go and attend?”

Bangari’s mother flashed a lazy grin while clenching her hands and pointing at her brother, who was soundly sleeping next to her in the courtyard garden. As grandma rushed over, she cautioned Bangari not to touch her brother until Puriti had had a bath. After that, Bangari stayed with his brother and kept doing the hard job of watching him from afar for the past 10 days.

She smokes sambrani after having a bath, and if the bully holds her tightly as she places her finger between his fingers, she wakes up to the gentle touch, gets up like a tongue in the morning, and spreads honey on her brother. If he eagerly licks her finger, she quickly forgets her hunger. Four more years went by.

The connection between the younger brother and the older sister, weary of circling the Gods for the kids, evolved to almost completely forget each other, except for the occasional meeting for events. The gap between them began with the seven steps made by Kannawala Bangari.

How are you doing, sister?

Vasu is in good shape. What’s up? How do the girls feel? What did you call on what channels? Everything all right? ” Bangari worriedly enquired.

Whether everything is in order Vasu questioned him.

“He is regal in nature. On television, it is said that Delhi is chilly and has a lot of pollution. Your brother-in-law said “What’s up?” enquired Bangari.

“The truth is that I have been sent to Vizag, not Parledakka. In another month, I will feel relieved here. “Look for a decent property close by,” Vasu said.

“What wise words you have said. Her mother would have been ecstatic had she known. “Stay and inform your brother-in-law also,” she said, handing her husband Venugopal the phone.

How are you, Era Bammardi? Why are you harming us? Baby, come soon. You may sometimes prevent Kashi from leaving by placing jaggery beneath your chin. If your sister has continued to abuse you since then, either someone can stop her or there is a problem. ” Bangari smiled and picked up the phone, saying, “Come regardless of what your brother-in-law says. Describe the home. ” Stay inside first, and then let’s examine Nimpadiya. ” After conversing for a bit, Vasu hung up the phone and continued to reminisce with her husband about the early years of her younger brother.

In Vizag, there is a three-room section of Bangari’s: a little hallway up front, a bedroom in the center, a kitchen behind, and a tiny shared yard. She snatched the locks from the renters in the next section as they left for their summer holidays. The younger brother, Maradal, and the kids spent four days at Bangari’s home. They stayed at home all day and went to sleep next door. She packed the items in the neighboring apartment when they arrived in the truck.

She invited everyone to supper one Sunday after everything was set up. That day, the gold rush was about more than just that. At five o’clock, she would also wake up her husband to make him coffee, pluck onions, and peel peas. She used to get up at four in the morning to prepare curries and grind lentils. She made pesaratla flour before preparing upma and placing it in the hotbox for when they came. It was brought from the hotel by Mysore Buzzy to test whether the kid would enjoy it or not. The decoction is ready after the filter has been removed.

She prepared chakrapongali, coconut pachadi, beetroot curry, eggplant coriander curry, and pappu with mango picked from a street tree for lunch. Omaru closed it with pleasure after heating six packets of red milk for an hour. He then took a peek at the inch-thick curd.

She phoned at half past eight in the morning, after everything was finished.

“til the kids start to get up”

When we wake up, we’re going,” Vasu stated nonchalantly. I was contacted once again at 9:30. Within five minutes, they will go. Bangari set her husband’s lunch down and sat down without eating.

They arrived at eleven in the morning. We said, “Let’s eat together,” and we ate tiffins at Darlo. Bangari also abstained from eating after that.

They engaged in some conversation before sitting down to dinner. She fed Vasuki Manasaki kosari and fed the youngster herself.

Whenever you have nectar in your palm, When I was a youngster, according to my mother, I was not allowed to touch a finger that had been dipped in honey. Vasu stated with delight, “Look at how happy she is eating right now.”

The last nugget of gold started to fall after everyone had been served. After playing for a bit, one of the kids went to sleep in Manasa Oll and the other in Bangari Oll. After spending a considerable amount of time together, talking took over.

Do you have any information regarding my brother and sister, Vasu, enquired?

“He doesn’t; he’s now residing in Mumbai. There, he weds the girl. He once came after becoming married. After that, the father’s speech became slurred, and visits ceased. “There is no more talking while mum is gone,” remarked Bangara.

This story is from Eenadu Sunday Magazine.

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