What are high PR Backlinks? 21 High PR DoFollow Backlinks 2022

Off-page SEO depends on high PR dofollow backlinks. High authority sites provide traffic and PR to your website. These constantly updated high domain authority backlinks sites increase your site ranking. Dofollow backlinks from high-authority sites might enhance your website’s Domain Authority (DA). Anchor text, keyword, or brand name backlinks connect websites. Search engines give value to the backlinks. Search engine bots may visit your site through hyperlinks to collect information. Backlinks are vital for websites to rise in search engine rankings and attract visitors. Backlinks build authority, trust, and ranking.

High DA, PA, and trust flow backlinks are important for SEO. You’ll notice effects from backlinks within a month. Make sure you link to a relevant website, not an irrelevant one. This will boost conversions and website traffic. High domain authority doesn’t mean you should connect to websites. Before connecting, check their Alexa and spamming ranks here. Backlinks boost DA and PA. 

What are the High PR Backlinks?

What are High PR Backlinks

Backlinks from high-ranking websites are known as high PR dofollow backlinks. You may improve your website’s search engine rankings by getting high-quality backlinks from high-ranking websites with a PageRank (PR) of 7 to 10.


  • Google.com (PR10)
  • W3.org (PR10)
  • Wikipedia (PR9)
  • WordPress.org (PR9)
  • Github (PR8)
  • Reddit (PR7)
  • SlideShare.net (PR7)

What Does the PageRank of a Website Mean?

The PageRank of a website is an algorithm that was created by Google to assist in the ranking of websites in the search engine results pages according to the authority of the material shown on the websites (SERPs). The algorithm that determines the credibility and visibility of websites on the internet is known as PageRank. It was named after Larry Page, who helped build Google.

Google uses a logarithmic scale for the rankings that are found between PR1 and PR10.

PageRank, in all intents and purposes, is an evaluation of the worth and authority of external links that lead to a certain website’s page. A high PR metric shows that a website or web page is often linked to a variety of other websites that are of high quality.

When doing specialized searches, the PageRank number is an essential factor in determining which websites come out on top of the search engine results for a certain set of keywords. If you want to see an improvement in the search engine rankings for your website, you need to concentrate on raising the PR score of your website.

The fact that Google uses PageRank as a ranking indicator does not imply that you are able to monitor how your site now fares in terms of its PR level. In Simple words, Google can’t show any graph or list which show the PR of website. The only information that SEO tools are able to provide is the number of other high-PR websites (determined by authority and trust) that link to your web pages.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Determining the PageRank of a Website

Because Google does not make its PageRank scores public, modern SEO tools devise an alternative scoring system that they call Domain Authority or Domain Rating and base it on their own research into the SEO factors that affect a website’s performance.

Open PageRank is a piece of software that has been developed to bring back the PageRank metrics so that different domains may be compared to one another. You are able to see the PR scores of the top 10 million websites for free and make use of the API.

Value of High Domain Authority Sites

Increase your website’s trustworthiness and visibility in search engine results by using high-domain-authority backlinks.

  • Boost your website’s search engine rankings
  • Similar to DA and PA, Moz’s rank went up as well
  • drew in an increased number of site visitors
  • Connect with other bloggers.
  • Boost Traffic and Alexa Rankings
  • Boost the popularity of a website’s search engine ranking
  • Users all around the globe are aware of your blog or website.
  • High-DA sites may help you build website credibility and get more citations.
  • Obtain a few Dofollow backlinks.

How to Get High PR DoFollow Backlinks?

High PR Dofollow Backlinks

High PR Backlinks From Wikipedia

Acquire backlinks from Wikipedia that have a high PageRank. If you utilize a certain strategy for generating links, Wikipedia may provide backlinks. Utilize this information to get backlinks to your site. To get a backlink from Wikipedia that will remain active over time, it is important to properly follow the steps.

Backlinks From HARO

HARO, which stands for “Help a Report Out,” is a free tool that connects writers and journalists with sources. After signing up for the service, you will begin to get emails from various websites asking for quotes and ideas that may be used to market your firm through a hyperlink. These emails will arrive on a daily basis. By reading this piece of advice on how to use HARO for SEO, you will get knowledge on how to build backlinks of a high quality that are known as editorial backlinks.

Analysis of High PR Backlinks

With the assistance of an SEO tool like; Ahrefs, Semrush, LinkMiner, or Ubersuggest, you are able to investigate the backlink profiles of your competitors in order to locate high PR backlink opportunities. If you find a page on the internet that has a high authority, you may make an effort to get that page to link to your own website.

When using these tools most effectively, you should begin by analyzing the backlink profile of your rival, and then arrange the resulting list from top to lowest in terms of Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Trust Flow, or Citation Flow.

Pages that have a high PageRank tend to have good scores for many SEO metrics as well.

Backlinks From Public Sector and Academic Institutions

Backlinks from authoritative sources, such as government or academic organizations, have a high PageRank value and are regarded to be among the most credible. The most common domain extensions for government websites and educational institutions, respectively, are .gov and .edu.

In spite of the fact that the main page of these websites is not very likely to have a link with a high PR dofollow backlinks, it is still feasible for you to obtain a backlink on an inner page or resources page from one of these websites. Get in touch with the site’s owner to inquire about the possibility of having a link to your website included in one of these online resources.

Contacting academics who are in charge of the content that is uploaded for their department on the main university domain and/or who have a subdomain where they have total control over the links that are posted might be beneficial for educational websites. After that, you may approach that person and inquire as to whether or not they would be open to linking to your website as a beneficial resource.

Websites run by municipal governments might potentially profit from the same manner. Find the contact information for the person in charge of including your website as a resource for the general public and then write an email to that person.

Announce Press news

It is imperative that an announcement be made in the various forms of media.
When you publish a press release, there is a chance that a website with a high page rank may take your material and link and utilize it on its own website.

You might make use of services such as the following for the distribution of press releases:

PR Newswire, Newswire, and Presswire With the assistance of Newswire, you may promote your content on websites that have a high PageRank and are free to use.

Create Backlinks on the High PR website

Another strategy to gain high PR dofollow backlinks with high domain authority is to create content for high-authority-free websites such as Blogger, Flickr, WordPress, and SoundCloud, as well as for other similar websites. You have the ability to create your own profiles and web pages on these networks, and the content that you develop may include links to any other websites that you want.

Since they do not originate directly from a web page that is published on the principal domain, the backlinks that result from them are not as powerful as those that you may gain when you are just getting started with off-page SEO. However, they might still contribute to the overall harmony of your backlink profile.

As a consequence of this, it is essential to keep these free high PR dofollow backlinks in the appropriate context. They do not stand out as particularly remarkable, but neither are they of any real utility. Adding links to these websites, on the other hand, can make it possible for you to get additional benefits from the information included on them. This method is known as tiered link building, and that is the term given to it.

Through the use of tiered link building, it is possible for you to increase the PageRank value of the links you already have by creating backlinks for your backlinks.

How do Backlinks work for DA?

The first step in building a backlink strategy is to identify strong domain authority (DA) sites and then use the MOZ tool to determine the domain authority of those sites’ connections to yours.

  • More High authority Backlinks = More DA
  • More DA = More authority and ranking
  • More DA = More PA
  • More CF(Citation flow) = More TF(Trust flow)
  • More CA, DA, PA, TF = More Traffic
  • More traffic = More conversion or earnings

If you adhere to the guidelines outlined above, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your webpage domain authority, among other benefits. As a result, I’ve included a list of free, high-domain-authority sites that has all relevant information, such as the most recent updates.

List of high PR dofollow backlinks Sites

Sr. No. High Domain Authority Sites Domain Authority
1 https://www.youtube.com/c/Tendtoread/about 97
2 www.apsense.com/brand/TendToRead 80
3 https://flipboard.com/@tendtoread/tendtoread-4ej71ib8z 98
4 instapaper.com/p/10014304 86
5 edex.adobe.com/member/SyFtt1I_O 97
6 myspace.com/tendtoread 95
7 www.behance.net/aloksingh66/ 92
8 scoop.it/u/tendtoread 92
9 shutterstock.com/g/Tendtoread/about 93
10 https://www.slideserve.com/TendtoRead 66
11 medium.com/@charlesjaye 95
12 profiles.xero.com/people/alexden 75
13 tendtoread.contently.com 80
14 issuu.com/tendtoread 94
15 www.bloghub.com 67
16 www.mootools.net 75
17 http://url.org 75
18 www.thisnext.com 78
19 www.mobypicture.com 77
20 ecommerce.shopify.com/forums 94
21 https://moz.com/community/q/user/alok_kumar 90

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What are the free High PR Links Indexed or Not?

If you are building high PR dofollow backlinks to your website, you should plan on it taking anywhere from 7 to 40 days for the URL of your backlink to be indexed. This is something you should keep in mind as you work on generating these connections. It is conceivable that your hyperlink will not be indexed if it is hidden from the general public and cannot be accessed by anybody.

In order to guarantee that bots and search engines are able to crawl your website without any issues, you need to do a comprehensive audit of your backlinks on a regular basis.

Backlinks from several other nations, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, India, and Australia, as well as many other places, would be advantageous for the whole of your project. If you have a look at the graphic that has been supplied for you below, you will see an indication of how our backlinks on Tend To Read have been indexed in the search engine results.

It is OK to use third-party tools for the purpose of analyzing backlinks; nevertheless, the Google Search Console should be used whenever it is practical to do so. In light of the fact that your website will be submitted to Google’s search dashboard, it is very essential for you to do a comprehensive audit of your connections and backlinks in order to prepare for this change.

Navigate to the Links tab after you’ve logged into the Search Console. On our list of the top linking websites, you could also see some high-DA websites that you’ve produced backlinks to for your own websites.


We have compiled a list of the leading websites that have a high PR dofollow backlinks count, and each of them is doing very well in their respective businesses. You will be able to increase the number of backlinks to your website By using the List. As well as your domain authority, Alexa rating, and website traffic, with the help of the sites that are included in this list of link-building resources. If you come across any websites that have high domain authority, I would appreciate it if you could let me know about them in the comment area below. We do regular maintenance checks to guarantee that this website, which has high-authority backlinks, is in excellent operating condition.



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