How to Check Backlinks? Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools 2022

Did you find how many backlinks to your website? Did Not Know about the Backlink Checker tools? Don’t worry here we are going to discuss how to check backlinks using different tools that are available on the internet. You can use anyone to check the backlinks. It’s too much easy. So, let’s start it:

First, we knew a bit about the backlinks:

Simply said, an inbound link is a connection made between two websites. Backlinks are used as a ranking indication by major search engines like Google since they demonstrate that other websites find your material valuable. A site’s rating and exposure in SERPs might benefit from the inclusion of high-quality backlinks (SEO).

Why do we need backlink checkers?

Inbound links to your website’s pages may be tracked with the use of a backlink checker. By pointing out spammy connections, tracking which pages and articles are getting quality backlinks and alerting you to chances to develop more links, these tools make it easier to construct and analyze your backlink profile.

By analyzing the sorts of content that get the most links and the sites that link to it, backlink checkers may help you enhance your own link development techniques.

How to Check Backlinks?

There are a lot of backlink checker tools available on the internet you can use anyone to check backlinks. We can provide 10 tools you can use them. Some steps:

  • Go to the Tool
  • Search for Backlink check/ Backlink Analyzer
  • Then Put the URL of your website:
  • Finally, here you can find all the backlinks to your website. Including DoFollow and NoFollow.

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools

1. SemRush

SemRush is Top on our List.

The most effective tool for checking backlinks. Although the base plan is more expensive than others, it provides a lot of value for the money and has significant data allocations. The universal SEO toolkit. Extensive add-on selection, including a traffic analytics instrument in the vein of SimilarWeb.

Semrush Backlink Checker Tool

Semrush is used to being under the shadow of Ahrefs. Its backlink checker has never quite lived up to the rest of the package due to its concentration on providing a comprehensive digital marketing toolset with a wider range of features. However, this is no longer the case.

They updated their system for collecting data and importing links a few years ago.

And the speed is incredible. In our testing, Semrush found new backlinks faster than the competition, so you’ll be the first to know about any shifts in your own or your rivals’ backlink profiles.

There is more to Semrush than just a backlink checking tool. It’s a comprehensive set of resources for online advertising that includes tools for search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content creation, and market analysis, all in one convenient package.

It has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: keyword study, on-page optimization, rank monitoring, social media administration, link-building, content dissemination, PPC analysis, website monetization, and so on. Even though I could go on, I won’t.

Your best chance of getting a complete sense of its benefits is to use it yourself. Fortunately, a free Semrush account or trial membership will allow you to do exactly that.

2. Ahrefs

When it comes to SEO toolkits, Ahrefs is by far the most popular option. It has a massive database and has the most active crawler, second only to Google itself, making it the greatest backlink checker tool available.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

For good reason, it has set the bar for years in the field of backlink research. It features one of the nicest user interfaces we’ve encountered and provides very precise and up-to-date information.

Its database is refreshed every 15 minutes, and links are categorized into “Live,” “Recent,” and “Historical,” depending on when they were first discovered (All links ever found for the target).

One of the reasons it still dominates the competition, including Semrush. In particular, since Semrush only keeps track of connections that have been crawled within the previous six months, it might be difficult to determine how “fresh” a given link really is.

In addition to its patented Domain Score (DR), URL Score (UR), and Ahrefs Rank, Ahrefs gives a plethora of other domain and page-level indicators that may be used to evaluate the backlink strength and authority of any target site.

Filters allow for a deep dive through the reports, revealing a comprehensive analysis of everything you want to know in order to formulate effective link-building strategies.

You can use Ahrefs for more than just backlink analysis; it can also help you find keywords, do website audits, monitor your search engine rankings, and examine your content.

Despite this, their service has the lowest return on investment of any Optimization tool we’ve evaluated. And if you don’t restrict your account, you’ll be charged automatically when you go over your monthly allotment.

3. UberSuggest

One of the more recent SEO tools to make the cut is Ubersuggest. Although its primary purpose is to aid in keyword discovery, its in-built Backlink Checker tool makes it a valuable resource for auditing and assessing your existing link profile.

UberSuggest Backlink Checker Tool

To top it all off, it has a surprisingly high-quality link index and a handy function called Backlink Opportunities (which generates a report detailing who links to your rivals but not to you).

Site audits, keyword research, and rank monitoring are some of the extra SEO tools available.

Ubersuggest offers many positive features, but it also has several drawbacks. There are not many customization options, and the number of keywords and projects that may be monitored is low. The Moz Domain Authority measure is one example of how the tool makes use of Moz’s metrics.

Some consumers may also be put off by the product’s heavy emphasis on Neil Patel branding.

Keep in mind that I think the Ubersuggest backlink tool is really driven by the Moz API. When I ran the same queries on both systems, I got the same results for every domain.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is much more than just a link analysis tool; it’s a whole content marketing system. Its content research tools, however, now include backlink information. Many content marketers consider it to be their top option.

BuzzSumo Backlink Checker Tool

The backlink tool in BuzzSumo displays the websites and pages that are connecting to a certain one. You may use it to figure out what kinds of material are most likely to get links and then focus your link-building efforts on those individuals. Furthermore, identify potential collaborators to expand your content’s reach (and get even more links).

Whenever it comes to finding and organizing material, though, BuzzSumo shines. It may help you discover the best-performing content in your area and provide you with a wealth of material for your next blog article.

5. SE-Ranking

In spite of its reputation as a rank monitoring tool, SE Ranking is really a comprehensive SEO platform that provides a birds-eye perspective of your site’s performance in all major search engines. That’s why we’ve included our superior link analysis and tracking software.

SERanking Backlink Checker Tool

In all, SE Ranking’s link database has almost 2.7 trillion citations. While not nearly as high as Semrush, this is still extremely respectable, and for several of my test queries, it even found more referring domains than Ahrefs (plus 100k more keywords).

The included Backlink Checker and Backlink Monitor allow you to examine backlinks in detail.

By using the Tool, you can easily check the number of incoming links to any given website. Total referring domains, backlinks, dofollow/nofollow ratio, Alexa rank, first seen/last viewed date, etc. are all provided so that you may assess the quality of the site’s backlink profile and referring sites.

You may learn more about the words and phrases on which your links are anchored by doing an analysis of anchor text distribution across all of your backlinks. The ratio of branded, exact-match, and partial-match anchor text, as well as the general health of your backlink profile, may be determined in this manner.

Once you find a backlink in the Backlink Checker that you want to keep an eye on, you may add it to the Backlink Monitor. After then, SE Ranking will keep a close eye on its progress and provide you updates on a daily basis. Backlinks may be imported into the program either manually or using Google Search Console.

SE Ranking, like Semrush, includes a wide variety of supplementary SEO tools to assist with many facets of your advertising initiatives.

6. Moz Pro

When it comes to market age, Moz Pro is a backlink analyzing tool that has been around for quite some time. Although it has been around for quite some time, significant progress has been made since its inception.

Moz Pro Backlink Checker Tool

Its database was quite tiny at the time, but the corporation has since redirected its efforts and enlarged it greatly. Its index is currently not as comprehensive as those of competing programs, but it is expanding.

However, we are quite pleased with Moz Pro and its many useful features. One of our favorite tools is the Link Intersect function, which is useful for generating new ideas for links.

It may be used to examine the link profiles of competing websites. Moz will analyze your backlink profile if you enter your domain and up to five of your main competitors’ domains. This tool will then reveal the websites that connect to your rivals but not you (yet).

You may use this data to figure out how they obtained their backlinks and then use it to identify high-quality prospects to contact in your next outreach effort.

7. SEO SpyGlass

The SEO PowerSuite, a comprehensive SEO toolkit, includes SEO SpyGlass as one of its four primary toolkits.

SEO SpyGlass Dashboard

SEO PowerSuite is not a cloud-based platform like the other products we’ve reviewed. It’s not an app in the traditional sense, but rather a desktop utility that can be downloaded and used remotely (though some of its services still run in the cloud).

This is its unique selling proposition, and it’s also the main reason why it’s reasonably priced. The premium licenses for SEO PowerSuite, which include higher use limitations, are a fraction of the price of a year’s membership to a service like Ahrefs.

Its built-in backlink tool is competitive while being very reasonably priced. Webmeup’s backlink index, one of the biggest and most up-to-date I’ve seen, is the source of the information used in this tool.

To detect new backlinks “faster than any other backlink checker,” SEO SpyGlass promises to scan 7.1 billion web pages every day.

Find out how many other sites connect to your destination with a simple search. You may view immediately the total number of backlinks, the top nations that are connecting to you, the distribution of your anchor text, an IP and C-block analysis, and much more.

The Penalty Risk indicator is also quite promising. By utilizing the built-in Disavow File Generator, you can rapidly find and remove any poisonous backlinks that might cause a Google penalty.

8. Serpstat

Another toolkit that has advanced greatly in recent years is called Serpstat. Compared to other platforms we’ve seen, its link index isn’t huge. However, it more than makes up for this shortcoming in other ways.

Serpstat Dashboard

We find the Serpstat charts and graphs to be very useful. If you enter a domain name into their Backlink Analysis tool, you’ll be presented with a plethora of graphs that make it easy to examine trends in things like referring page counts, backlink gains and losses, and more.

It’s a handy all-in-one tool with a plethora of other functions. A rank tracker, keyword tool, site audit, and competition research tool are also included.

9. Raven

Raven is another excellent option for finding broken links. Even though it doesn’t keep its own index (it’s driven by other services), it nonetheless provides access to a wealth of information.

Raven Dashboard

If you’re looking for a centralized reporting tool that can aggregate data from disparate sources like Moz and Majestic, this is a wonderful choice.

Raven is a comprehensive SEO suite, so it can assist with more than just backlink hunting. It can also assist with rank monitoring and site audits. Features white-label reporting and connects to Google Analytics and Search Console to provide even more data.

10. Majestic

Majestic is an all-in-one link management suite. It focuses on one area of expertise rather than trying to master everything (and master of none). Its only purpose is to check and generate backlinks, and it fulfills that task really effectively.

Majestic Dashboard

To be more specific, Majestic is among the few standalone backlink checker tools we’ve come across. Due to its singularity of purpose within the realm of search engine optimization, it delivers more in-depth analysis and superior functionality compared to competing products.

Majestic also provides a number of its own unique metrics for analyzing its link intelligence information. Security Flow, Citation Flow, Visible Flow, Subject Trust Flow, and Flow Meter Scores are some examples of these indicators. Each has value and may fit into your overall plan.

The Majestic feature we like the most is the Link Context function. Unique to the service, it examines the surrounding text to determine the quality of a link’s anchor text. You can see where on the page the links are located. What the surrounding material looks like, etc., and learn if the links are journalistic or in a directory.

Bottom Line

Inbound links to your website’s pages may be tracked with the use of a backlink checker. By pointing out spammy connections, tracking which pages and articles are getting quality backlinks and alerting you to chances to develop more links, these tools make it easier to construct and analyze your backlink profile.

By analyzing the sorts of content that get the most links and the sites that link to it. Backlink checkers may help you enhance your own link development techniques. If you have any questions then ask us by comment below.

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