How to Choose a Blog Niche? Blog Niche Ideas for Beginners 2022

Do you want to create a blog but don’t know how to choose a blog niche? Can’t select which of your many ideas to pursue? If you want to know how to select the best blog niche then you should read this post for getting the best blog niche ideas.

Before starting a blog, you should have a clear concept of your target audience. The fashion and beauty industries are two examples of highly competitive marketplaces. When there are a lot of other blogs trying to attract the same readers, making money might be tough.

For this reason, I have compiled a list of the most profitable niches for blogging, where there is very little competition. If you focus on these areas, you will increase the likelihood that your website will generate revenue.

But before we get into the details, let’s talk about why we need to find our own niche.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Niche for Your Blog?

It’s difficult to attract readers when you cover a wide variety of topics in your writing. It’s difficult if the blog isn’t about you, but not impossible.

Because of this, focusing on a niche is essential if you want to build a readership. Readers who visit your site for one post are more likely to stick around and read the others since they are all related.

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This leads to elevated user involvement, less page neglect, and more earnings from advertising and affiliate sales. Stunning, right?

Where do I go from here to find my perfect blogging niche? Let’s define niche first so we know where to focus our efforts.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a topic or subject area that you are interested in writing about and want to create content for. For instance, if you would like to write about cooking, you could make that subject your blog’s specialty, also known as a niche.

There is a distinction to be made between a blog topic and a blog niche. A blog topic refers to the particular subject matter that you intend to discuss in your blog posts. If you wanted to write about cooking, for instance, you could write about how to make chocolate chip cookies, grill chicken, or cook salmon. All of these are examples of things that you could write about.

What Are the Advantages of Blog Niche Selection?

1- More Visitors – Google’s Appreciation:

If you use a good niche, you’ll have a better chance of making a popular blog. In addition, Google is more likely to provide organic traffic if you are working in a highly specialized niche. That’s the most benefit of choosing blog niche ideas.

2-Increased customer loyalty:

If you choose carefully, you may be able to attract others who share your passions. Because your blog will be dedicated to one topic, targeting the right niche will also help you attract readers who share your interests.

Having a site that is focused on a single topic increases the likelihood that visitors will stick around.

In addition to seeing an increase in community size and average page load time, you’d also see a decrease in your site’s bounce rate. It’s possible that things may go slowly at first, but then suddenly change.

3- You Have the Potential to Become an Expert:

Achieving mastery takes time, but if you focus your study on a single area every day, you can rise to the top 1% to 5% in your field. The best part is that, since you will constantly be ready to learn more, you won’t even realize that you have obtained such knowledge. You will probably recognize this shift when comparing your most recent pieces to those written in the past.

4- It’s easier to market:

You should take a lot of time choosing a niche just for this reason alone. Your marketing efforts will be a little bit easier and yield better results if your blog is more narrowly focused than unfocused blogs.

Three important blog niche factors:

There is no perfect niche; nonetheless, you should consider these three factors when choosing one for your website.


The first and foremost factor in determining the best focus for your blog is your PASSION for the topic.

When it comes to a certain topic, how passionate are you?

Let’s be specific: what’s your favorite thing to do?

Is there anything you can talk about all day long and not become bored with?

The trick here is to find something you love so much that you never want to take a break.

If you can tap into that intrinsic motivation, you’ll be able to develop and spread high-quality content on the topic with enthusiasm and consistency.

To put it another way, this will lead to more active users. Additionally, this is the ultimate goal of each content creator.


Knowing what to know is the next step.

And what is it that you know?

I was wondering how extensive your knowledge was in that area.

Have you got an interest in expanding your knowledge?

In this case, it is essential to provide your audience with the knowledge that may help them.

The teacher learns more than anybody else in the class.


The last phase is an examination of the opportunities in that niche.

Is there a sizable audience for this blog post?

Can we find any content creators there?

To what extent is it possible to make money on the internet, and what methods may be used to do so?

The rules of supply and demand must be applied here.

You’re ready to get started if there’s a big enough market and successful bloggers are writing about your chosen topic.

Keep in mind that your competition may teach you the most about your industry.

What are the Best Blog Niche Ideas?

The most popular blog niches tend to be those with high informational demand. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most successful blog niches:

  • Food blogs
  • Bogging about money online
  • Fashion and beauty blogs
  • Blogs about personal finance
  • Blogs about physical fitness
  • Blogs about mental health and progress for the individual
  • Lifestyle blogs

The flip side of finding a profitable blog specialty is the increased difficulty in attracting readers. Due to the high competition in the food blogging industry and the widespread interest in the subject, only a small percentage of food bloggers really generate income.

Finding relevant, low-competition keywords will be difficult for beginner bloggers. It’s for this reason that so many blogs ultimately fail. If your website isn’t on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, you won’t see any traffic.

Now, what is it that you should do?

What is the Most Effective Blog Niche for Beginners?

If you’re looking for a profitable niche to fill with your blog, I suggest avoiding too broad topics. Not unless you already have a substantial following on another service. For instance, if you already have a reasonably established YouTube channel in a profitable sector, it will be much easier to generate money blogging than if you were to start from scratch.

What good is it if it doesn’t reach anyone? In any case, adopting a micro theme may still help you choose one of the most profitable blog niches for your material.

What does the term “micro-niche” refer to?

This is one such case. Let’s say you’re interested in creating a food blog. Rather than starting a blog on food that covers every form of food, focus on a certain sub-niche within this larger field. Gluten-free baking, vegan baking, ketogenic baking, and keto cookery are all examples of sub-niche notions.

You have a better opportunity to succeed in attracting visitors and making sales in these low-competition categories.

I have some good news! Several areas of blogging offer fewer rivals. It’s not easy to find a market segment with minimal competition.

Steps to Choose a niche for blogging:

I want you to use this step-by-step procedure I created to help you choose the best blog niche.


Thus, you’ll need a niche. And find blog niche ideas.

What is the niche’s origin?

At this point in the procedure, all you have to do is brainstorm. Yes, you should sometimes check your theories, but we’ll keep that for the next section.

Make a big list of prospective blog topics instead of worrying too much about feasibility at this time.

Aside from staring at a white wall and brainstorming ideas in your thoughts, the following methods are also effective for coming up with ideas:

  • Your residence Simply looks around your belongings to see if anything sparks an idea.
  • The habits you have. Same idea: think about your daily activities and see if anything comes to mind.
  • The blogs you read.
  • Magazine articles
  • Online merchants such as Amazon, eBay, and others (look at the popular products, categories, or your order history).

It may be used to create a lengthy list.

It’s critical to cross out any irrelevant ideas from your list after you’re finished.

2-Make a list of niches:

The most important step in choosing a blog niche is this one.

Because your blog’s area of expertise will be with you throughout the life of your website.

Therefore, you must choose blog themes that you can write about for a long time. This suggests that the subject of your blog should be something you have expertise in.

The best way to find niches that you can stick to is to do research.

Using Buzzsumo or another keyword research tool, you may determine if the blog niche is very divided into subtopics.

You may also search for bloggers who write on that subject and read their posts.

For instance, I would never create a food blog since I can’t cook.

I couldn’t post 10 posts even if I launched a food blog.

Therefore, remove any blog categories that you consider to be unreliable.

3- Select a few favorite blog niches from your list:

It’s time to prioritize the profitable blog niches after you’ve exhausted your favorite ones.

A well-known problem should be the topic of your blog. Something about which many people would be interested in learning more.

This guarantees that plenty of people will read your blog posts.

A simple approach to learning more is to use the free Google Trends tool. To evaluate its trends over the year, enter each blog specialty. Although it is helpful as well, we want to focus on the comparison tool.

Compare the trends in two different blog niches. There will be a popularity graph shown.

From there, you may choose from the list of blog niches and compare and alter them.

 4-Select a  blog niche from your list that makes money:

You probably created a blog in part to make money, I’m sure.

As a consequence, it becomes crucial to cross out items from the list that won’t make for lucrative blog topics.

What is the proper method? by looking through their various monetization strategies.

Let’s examine a case in point.

It wouldn’t be among the most lucrative blog niches for my book site.

I was limited to adding Amazon affiliate connections to the books I read and running ads on my website.

There are, however, other ways to monetize a blog.

You can also carry out these simple tasks.

  • Look at the products on a well-known affiliate network, like Amazon, to see whether you want to sign up as an affiliate.
  • Find bloggers in each blogging category, then go to their websites. Find out how they made money off of their blogs.
  • Read the blogs of your favorite bloggers to find out about fresh ways to make money from a certain area.

Remove blog categories with little sources of income. You will have the most lucrative blog niches after this level.

5-Narrow Your Topics:

You will get a list of a few blog niches you have selected after you have finished all the processes. You are interested in the following topics.

  • Topics that interest you.
  • A subject on which you could write extensively.
  • A lot of people’s problems.
  • Able to assist you in making money.

However, your blog’s niche ideas are still competitive. Mainly because there are already well-known blogs that were started in the past and have since gained popularity.

It would be difficult to compete with them as a result. We condensed our theme in order to address this issue. This allows you to focus on a subset of your larger topic if that’s what you prefer.


Now you know how to use a niche for blogging and get blog niche ideas. If you choose the right niche and work on it you can win your market niche. Hope our article will help you to choose a profitable niche.

To rank highly in search engines, you need to start with the best plugins, use the best tools, and produce the best content possible. This manual can help you refine your focus if you already have a niche blog. By doing this, you will not only ensure your future success but also avoid becoming one of the many bloggers who give up their blogs because they chose the wrong niche.


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