How to Disable YouTube Shorts? Turn Off YouTube Shorts

How to disable YouTube Shorts? If you’re looking for the answer to this particular question then don’t worry you are done. Some people don’t want Shorts videos on YouTube. And did not know how to remove shorts from YouTube. Here we are going to discuss how to turn off YouTube Shorts. Let’s started please apply one by one all methods that we discuss here. I assure you can be done.

One of Google’s most revolutionary updates to YouTube is YouTube Shorts. After the addition, it quickly amassed a sizable user following on its own.

Because short-form video material is simple to produce and consume, it is interesting. Furthermore, it gets lots of views, which is why YouTube likes to promote it.

This kind of micro-engagement-rich content is popular among YouTube users. Moreover, it irritates others like me who believe it’s a waste of time to spend hours online watching random videos.

These shorts play a significant role in why people aimlessly browse through their feeds. Also, I’ve got some good news if you’re tired of seeing pointless.

The methods listed below can all be used to entirely remove YouTube Shorts. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts? (5 Methods)

1 Turn Off YouTube Shorts from Settings

YouTube provides a facility to turn off Shorts. But unfortunately, this feature is available in just some areas. You can check if this function is available on your mobile. How you can do it follow the steps;

  • First, go to the YouTube App. In the dashboard click on the Gmail icon top right corner.

Open YouTube App

  • Now Click on the Settings button.

Click on Settings

  • Next Click on the General button. Here you can find the option Turn Off Shorts. Click here and you do.

Click on General button

  • The last step of this setting is to Restart the YouTube App.

Note: Again, I repeat this setting is not available for every user. If the Turn off shorts button is available on your mobile then it’s good. If you have not then don’t worry try the next method.

2 Shorts Section (Not Interested)

Now, the next method is to go to YouTube App. Scroll down and find the Shorts Section. Here YouTube shows the Shorts Videos. From this section, you can easily disable YouTube Shorts. Follow the steps:

Disable Shorts Not Interested

  • Click on 3 dots and from the bottom, a popup will open. Where 3 options are available; Report, Not interested, and Send feedback.
  • Now click on Not interested.
  • Repeat it for all the showing shorts in this shorts Section.

YouTube Shorts are Disable

  • When No more shorts are displayed here.
  • Final step Refresh the App. And you can be done shorts are removed from your YouTube App.

Now, you can just see the shorts below the shorts section. In your Home section shorts are removed.

3 Change the Version Latest to Old

As YouTube Shorts are coming in 2020 and we are using its latest version 17.25.34. By uninstalling its latest version and going to the older version 14.12.54. Here no shorts disturb you. So, how to do that follow the steps:

  • Go to your settings and search for App Management.
  • Here you can see your all apps find YouTube Click on it.
  • In the App Info click Uninstall Updates.

Uninstall updates to remove youtube shorts

After doing this you are moved to YouTube’s old version where no shorts are available. Moreover, If you’re not interested to uninstall the updates don’t worry try the next method.

4 YouTube Vanced Alternative (Free of YouTube Shorts)

The most reliable methods to disable YouTube Shorts. Also, YouTube Vanced is a free alternative to YouTube Premium that provides ad blocking and other premium features like background play and sponsorship block. Moreover, these are without the need to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Note: Google has permanently shut down Vanced after serving legal notice to the team behind it. However, you may still locate other options that have qualities that are comparable. Here are some great alternatives to YouTube Vanced that you should check out.

Using Vanced Alternative you can turn off youtube shorts follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings and find Vanced(alternative) Settings.
  • Find Ad and then short self. Turn it on to remove shorts from YouTube.

5 Try YouTube Browser

The above process is excellent but it is quite challenging. It’s possible that the user will find it tiresome to remove every single little clip from the main page. The good news is that this new feature is only available on the mobile app.

YouTube Shorts are not available on the YouTube website. But shorts are available under the shorts button. And you can’t go there to avoid shorts. Consequently, using the browser app to visit YouTube is the quickest and easiest way to avoid the interruptions of the shorter videos.

How to Enable Shorts Option?

When you disable YouTube Shorts, If your mind changes and want shorts on your YouTube. Then how you can enable the shorts again? Go back to all steps that you can do.

  • Change the settings and enable Shorts.
  • Update the Version of the YouTube App.
  • After the above step shorts display again.
  • Uninstall the Vanced app and its alternative.
  • Chrome to go back to your mobile app.


The YouTube Shorts will not be a suitable option for individuals who often search YouTube for extensive videos or information. Furthermore, keeping this problem in mind, this post provided straightforward instructions for Disable YouTube shorts. Moreover, if you really don’t want YouTube Shorts. I hope you will get benefit from this post. If you can’t turn off youtube shorts yet, then please tell us by comment.

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