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If you want to know how to upload youtube shorts then our article will surely help you. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users all around the globe. YouTube has been the best platform for outstanding creators to reach a large audience since the site’s start in 2005.

In 2020, YouTube will roll out a new feature called “Shorts,” which will enable creators to upload shorter videos. It was done to maintain the growing number of users who choose TikTok as their primary source of entertainment.

This not only ensures that the younger audience is kept interested but also attracts new viewers who may not be familiar with the channel because of its traditional focus on longer films.

We’re here to answer any and all of your questions about YouTube Shorts. So let’s have a deep look at it.

What exactly are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short videos that are similar to those seen on Instagram Reels and TikTok. Lots of people are watching them, and their fame is expanding. If you like creating videos, you may post your own YouTube Shorts from an Android, iPhone, or PC.

Anybody with a YouTube account may create YouTube Shorts videos, which are short video clips.

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There are a number of parallels: YouTube Shorts are short, editable videos that may be cycled through indefinitely and often have licensed, readily available music in the background.

Similar to YouTube, users may rate videos, leave comments, like or dislike them, share them, and subscribe to your channel. The content is archived online indefinitely, just like any other video on YouTube. Learn the steps immediately.

What are the benefits to upload YouTube shorts?

TikTok isn’t simply a duplicate copy of YouTube Shorts. Some benefits of making YouTube Shorts are outlined below.

  • Without expensive equipment, you can produce excellent content. You only need a smartphone, an internet connection, and a YouTube account to make your own YouTube Shorts movies.
  • Brief videos uploaded to YouTube might help draw attention to your main channel. If viewers like your YouTube Shorts video, they can easily subscribe to your main channel by clicking the “Subscribe” button that appears at the bottom of the screen. To increase the number of subscribers, this is a great way to have some fun!
  • As views and comments on YouTube Shorts are included in the algorithm, it’s easier to attract new subscribers. Here you may read up on the topic and find out what the Shorts Library is and how to join it.

Tools and specific requirements to upload YouTube Shorts:

  • Computer, laptop, or phone.
  • A YouTube channel.
  • The YouTube application.
  • Now you can upload your own YouTube Shorts.

How to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC?

If you’ve ever wanted to share your own videos online, you’ll be delighted to know that doing so is a breeze on the most popular video-sharing website. In response to Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube has introduced short videos called “Shorts.”

A new audience may be quickly and easily captivated by these short films, each of which is under a minute in length.

It’s important to make the most of the time you spend uploading videos to YouTube, so we’ve gone through several strategies to help you do just that.  Here is a complete guide on how to upload YouTube shorts from desktop and mobile. So, friends keep reading!

Step 1 Open PC Browser:

Mobile provides a superior experience and more customization possibilities, but desktop users may still post a short video clip from on-demand services. Get started with YouTube by opening up a web browser and browsing the site. Please sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2 Click Camera Icon:

You may add a new video to your channel by clicking the camera icon (with a plus sign within) in the top right corner of the YouTube homepage after you’ve logged in.

Upload YouTube Shorts video icon

Step 3 Select Upload Video:

When you reach your channel’s content management, choose Upload Video.

Select Video to Upload on YouTube Shorts

Step 4 Select Length and Give Tags:

After that, you may upload a video to YouTube by dragging it into the YouTube Studio or selecting it from a list. To be considered for Shorts, your video must have a square or vertical aspect ratio and be no longer than 60 seconds.

Select YouTube Shorts Video Length

The #shorts tag in the title will tell YouTube to submit the video to the “shorts” category.

Step 5 Give Title and Description:

It’s important to give your video a proper title. You may think of it as your elevator pitch since the point of a short is to provide quick information and entertainment. Just keep scrolling down to view the rest of this article.

Give Title and Description

Step 6: Choose a Thumbnail:

Choose a Thumbnail. To begin, choose the video title. Make use of a still from the video, or create your own, and give it the same attention-grabbing quality as the title. After including a video in a playlist, you may see more details by scrolling down.

Select thumbnail for Shorts

Step 7  Select If Youtube Short is Suitable for Kids or not:

If your youtube short isn’t suitable for youngsters, you’ll need to say so before continuing. This is really important now that YouTube is placing a greater emphasis on protecting its young viewers.

Select it's suitable for kids or not

Step 8 Some Extra Information:

If you want to add extra information to help YouTube categorize your Short, such as a sponsored marketing statement, tags, language, subtitles, or closed captions, you may do so by clicking the “Other options” button. Click “Next” when you’re done.

Step 9 Add Video Elements:

(Optional) Video elements like end screens or cards may still be included in your video, however, this seems to have more of an effect on longer video uploads than on Shorts. Click “Next” when you’re done.

Add Video Elements

Step 10 Check for Copyright:

The results of the copyright tests that YouTube executed during your upload process will be revealed on the following screen. Nothing is required of you at this time unless you disagree with YouTube’s decision and want to provide input about it. Unless you’d want to back out now, click “Next.”

Check for Copyright

Step 11 Check Visibility:

Specify the visibility of your short (public, unlisted, or private) and set a publishing date, if required.

Step 12 Save to Make it Public:

After finalizing your Short, choose “Save” or “Schedule” to make it public.

Save Video to make it Public

Steps to upload youtube shorts from mobile:

Here is a complete guide on how to upload YouTube shorts from mobile. After reading this step-by-step guide you can easily upload your own YouTube shorts from mobile.

Method 1: Upload a YouTube short video that already exists.

The next steps require that you have the YouTube app downloaded, installed, and registered on your mobile device and that the desired video is already playing.

Step 1: Choose a video to upload.

Open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android smartphone, hit the + (Create) symbol at the bottom, pick Create a Short from the Create box that appears at the bottom, and then press Upload in the bottom-right corner of the next screen to upload a quick, 60-second video recorded in portrait mode. This complete guide is already mentioned in the previous section of this article.

Step 2: Add information:

To add a caption and some music to the backdrop, click the corresponding icons (Music and Text) in the bottom left of the screen, and then click NEXT in the upper right. On the next screen, give your film a title and add the hashtag #Shorts to the Title box; then, tap Select audience to choose your intended viewers.

step 3: Upload the YouTube Short:

To upload the little video to YouTube, choose UPLOAD in the upper right corner.

Method 2: Record a Short Video and Upload

Step1: Record the YouTube Short.

I will not go into making a YouTube Shorts video since I have previously done so elsewhere.

In the YouTube app, go to the + (Add) menu and choose to Create a Short.

As soon as you tap the Record button, you’ll be able to use the Speed and Timer icons to choose the video’s playback speed and the delay before the program starts recording.

To start video recording, just click the bottom-most Record button; to stop, hit the top-most Stop button. Take care to record the footage in portrait orientation (ideally in the 9:16 aspect ratio). A NEXT button may be seen in the right-hand corner of the screen, which you should hit to proceed.

Step2: Add some text and music to the YouTube short video.

In the next window, click the Music and Text buttons in the bottom left to add a score and description, and then click NEXT in the upper right.

Step3: Share the short video on the internet.

To upload a short video to YouTube, type the title and the hashtag #Shorts into the Create a title field of the Add details box, then tap Select audience to select the desired viewership, and finally click UPLOAD in the upper right corner.


Hope our article on “How to Upload YouTube Shorts” will help you to upload your own YouTube shorts. Short videos may be uploaded to YouTube with little effort as long as they are taken in portrait mode, don’t exceed 60 seconds, and include the tag “#Shorts” (without quotations) in the title or description.

The good news is that you can still post short videos to YouTube using your desktop computer by following the instructions in the first section, even if you don’t have the YouTube app on your phone. Even if it’s simple to post YouTube Shorts, you may expand your audience and raise the production value of your films by taking a few simple steps.

Creating a short story is a great way to get your message out to more people quickly and easily. You should give some thought to the length of your material and how it will function within the context of your channel as a whole.

Make your videos short, engaging, and simple to follow if you want to get to the top of YouTube’s creator rankings. Thank you, friends, for reading this article till the end.

Have a great day!


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