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Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are boards that utilize a blend of adaptable and inflexible board technologies. Most rigid flex boards comprise different layers of adaptable circuit substrates connected to at least one inflexible board remotely and additionally inside, contingent on the plan of the application. The adaptable substrates are intended to be in a steady condition of flex and are typically framed into the flexed bend during assembling or establishment.

Rigid-flex plans are more difficult than the plan of a run-of-the-mill rigid board climate, as these boards are planned in a 3D space, offering more prominent spatial productivity. By having the option to plan in three aspects fashioners can wind, overlap, and roll the adaptable board substrates to accomplish their ideal shape for the last application’s bundle.

Known for being a leading manufacturer of high-reliability printed circuit boards, the APCT is proud to be well-versed in a variety of products, including rigid-flex PCBs. A rigid-flex PCB eliminates flexible cables, connectors, and discrete wiring, resulting in a streamlined electron design. The boards allow for a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in one, single application.

Rigid Flex PCB Manufacture Applications

Rigid adaptable PCBs offer a wide exhibit of uses, going from military weaponry and aviation frameworks to phones and computerized cameras. Progressively, rigid-flex board creation has been utilized in clinical gadgets like pacemakers for their space and weight decrease capacities. Similar benefits for inflexible flex PCB use can be applied to military weaponry and weapon control frameworks. In buyer items, rigid flex doesn’t simply boost space and weight yet extraordinarily further develops unwavering quality, killing many requirements for weld joints and sensitive, delicate wiring that are inclined to association issues. These are only a few models, yet inflexible flex PCBs can be utilized to benefit practically undeniably progressed electrical applications including testing hardware, instruments, and cars.

Rigid Flex PCB Technology and Creation Interaction

Whether creating an inflexible flex model or creating amounts requiring enormous scope PCB manufacture and PCB get together, the technology is very much demonstrated and dependable. The flex PCB segment is especially great in conquering space and weight issues with spatial levels of opportunity.

Cautious thought of flex-rigid arrangements and a legitimate evaluation of the accessible choices at the beginning phases in the PCB configuration stage will return huge advantages. It is basically the PCB fabricator involved from the get-go in the planning cycle to guarantee the plan and fab parts are both in coordination and to represent end result varieties. The assembling stage is additionally more mind-boggling and tedious than rigid board creation. Every one of the adaptable parts of the rigid-flex get-together has totally unique taking care of, drawing, and binding cycles than inflexible FR4 boards.

Advantages of Rigid-Flex PCBs

  • Space necessities can be limited by applying 3D
  • By eliminating the requirement for connectors and links between the individual inflexible parts the board size and general framework weight can be decreased.
  • By boosting space, there is much of the time a lower include in parts.
  • Fewer bind joints guarantee higher association and unwavering quality.
  • Taking care of during gathering is more straightforward in correlation with adaptable boards.
  • Worked on PCB gathering processes.
  • Coordinated ZIF contacts give basic secluded points of interaction to the framework climate.
  • Test conditions are improved. A total test preceding establishment becomes conceivable.
  • Strategic and get-together expenses are altogether diminished with flex-inflexible boards.


It is feasible to build the intricacy of mechanical plans, which likewise works on the level of opportunity for improved lodging arrangements.

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