What is sienna mae blog post? What She say in her Blog Reflection?

Sienna mae blog post: Followers are clearly essential for those who have power, and TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez saw a drop in her numbers of more than 300,000 in a single night. In a new blog post that was released titled “Sienna Mae Gomez: Reflections from an 18-Year Old Me,” the prominent social media influencer directly addressed the allegations of sexual assault against her. She has disregarded the advice of legal professionals and instead gone out to talk to people about what is going on in the area since she just turned 18 and is now able to make her own choices.

In May of 2016, Mason Rizzo, a friend of another “influencer” and resident of “Hype House,” accused Selena Gomez of sexually abusing Jack Wright while he was asleep. Rizzo was a participant in “Hype House” (2021). Following Wright’s response to his critics in the form of a video aired on January 20th, the internet has been in a state of complete anarchy ever since.

What did Sienna Mae blog post on the Reflections blog?

Sienna begins the first few sentences of his Reflections blog article by stating, “I haven’t even been 18 for a full week, yet the choices I’ve had to make as a young adult are pushing me in a manner that makes me want to be a child again.”

She was accused of sexual assault in May 2021 by a friend of another Hype House member. A person who calls themselves a “former friend” of Sienna Mae named Jack Wright.

In the blog post she published in January of 2022, she said, “I spent eight long and excruciating months attempting to save my friendships, my business ties, and my own sanity from destruction.

Sienna continued by saying that her publicist had released a statement to the media and that her legal team was contemplating suing Wright for defamation of character. Sienna said that her legal team was considering suing Wright for defamation of character.

From the statement, Sienna and Jack, as well as their respective legal teams, have not engaged in any private prosecutions, charges, or discussions for a significant amount of time. According to sienna mae blog post, “I’m sick and weary of battling.” I’ve had enough of politics and hatred in the world. My family, my friends, and even some of my acquaintances are breaking my heart. People get harassed online on their own social media sites just because they are connected with me in some way.

Hype House?

Sienna says on her blog that she wasn’t sure what her relationship with Wright was like when she was asked to be on the reality show Hype House.

The influencer says that she never knew for sure if they were dating or not when they were “together,” and she keeps denying that they did anything other than a kiss during that time.

I wish I had known all that I do now know. I wish that we had established boundaries that were clear to both of us, were logical, and prevented us from ever feeling exposed or duped.

Even though I really wanted to give it a go, I don’t know too many other individuals who are able to do it with their partners when they are just 17 years old. She regrets that I did not grasp that the fact that he had previously done something great for me did not indicate that he wanted to be more than just my online lover. I wish I had learned this sooner.

She really wish that as a group we had been aware of how poisonous the link was before things progressed in the manner that they did.

At the conclusion of her blog post, Sienna sends an apology letter to Wright in which she says, “I regret if there were instances when I made you feel uncomfortable.” I am sorry if anything I did made you uncomfortable or contributed to you having negative experiences. Please accept my apologies.

Who is Sienna Mae?

Sienna Mae Gomez is well-known for being in the Hype House video collaboration and for being a body-positive TikToker.

Between both of her TikTok accounts, she has amassed close to 21 million followers.

This celebrity, who is just 18 years old and competes in dance competitions, has quickly risen to become one of the most important characters on the site.

This happened in August 2020, when one of her videos got a lot of attention and put her at the top of the list of famous people on the internet.

She just joined a talent agency and has done work for the Maybelline cosmetics company.

At the moment, she has a recurring role in the reality series Hype House seen on Netflix.

According to the personal biography that can be found on Sienna’s website. Sienna is a young lady who, above all else, has a wealth of creativity, kindness, and boundless energy. Her primary objective is to spread her love of community, art, and performance to the rest of the world.

Sienna has close to 2 million people following her on Instagram.

What did Sianna mae Blog Post?

“I’m sad that he made me sound insane and twisted so many things out of context in his most recent video,” Gomez wrote in a Medium post. “He practically painted me into the ‘loud, crazy, overly sexualized’ image that many attempt to use on young, particularly Latina women.” “I’m sad that he made me sound insane and twisted so many things out of context in his most recent video.” It’s a bummer that I still have to go through it one more time.

Kissing was the only thing that Jack and I ever did together. I’ve never seen him naked, felt him nude, or touched him. During the several nights, we were at the Hype House, I never once reached for him when he was sleeping or while he was awake. Despite this, people who are unfamiliar with the meaning of the term continue to call me a “rapist” when they talk about me on the internet.

“I now understand that in a relationship, there needs to be an open and honest conversation about consent even before sexual behaviors, even if it’s simply holding hands, hugging, and displaying affection in a nice manner,” she said. “Even if it’s simply holding hands, hugging, and displaying affection in a nice manner, these are all behaviors that require consent.”

Sienna Mae Gomez’s declaration and apologies in her blog post

In what some might consider an apology for her actions, Gomez wrote: “Jack, if you’re reading this: I apologize if there were moments when I made you feel uncomfortable.” “I apologize if there were occasions when I made you feel uncomfortable.” I truly apologize if any of my actions have ever made you feel agitated, uncomfortable, or otherwise negatively affected you in any way. On the other hand, whatever behaviors I engaged in were unintentional on my part since I was aware that they would continue in our “real life” as a result of how physically connected we seemed to be and how at ease we appeared to be with one another when we were filming. Despite this, there is a significant gap between this and sexual assault.

[As an example:] I’m sorry that we’ve gotten to this point, and I’m even more sorry that I’m being used in a brand-new and deplorable manner right now.

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