What is not considered a Default “medium” in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, Google is not considered a Default “medium”.

Articles in the Google Analytics Help state that Google is a source. Source refers to the place where traffic first arrived, such as a search engine or a website. However, a medium denotes the broad category of the source, such as organic search (unpaid search) or online referral (referral).

What is not considered a Default “medium” in Google Analytics?

  • Google
  • Organic
  • Referral
  • CPC

Correct Answer: Google

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Explanation: Google Analytics only supports Organic, Referral, and None as default media types.
Three media are automatically detected by Google Analytics.

  • Organic is the first standard media. It symbolizes traffic that originates from natural, or unpaid, search results.
  • “Referral” is yet another default media. Any traffic to your website that arrives from a website other than a search engine will appear in your analytics as a “referral.”
  • Finally, “(none)” use as the default medium. Only visitors who enter your website’s URL manually into their browsers or who click on a bookmark will see this media in use. These users’ sources and medium list in your reports as “direct” and “(none),” respectively.

For More Information Read Google Support Answer.



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