WordPress SEO Plugins – Top SEO Plugin for WordPress 2022

If you’ve just built a WordPress website for your business but are still using the conventional ways of maintaining an online business website, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to enhance your organic traffic. One of the best search engine optimization strategies for doing so is to use an SEO plugin for WordPress. WordPress SEO Plugins help you to increase traffic quickly and effectively.

Using a WordPress plugin, you can quickly and effectively increase both the quality and number of visitors to your site. A decent SEO plugin will provide you with the robust capabilities you need to enhance your site utilizing cutting-edge SEO strategies.

To help you optimize your site and attract more high-quality visitors, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 WordPress SEO plugins.


WordPress SEO plugins are additional software that extends the capabilities of WordPress-based websites and blogs. The functionality of websites and blogs may be improved by using WordPress plugins.

They provide a variety of features and options for customizing. To monitor the optimization settings of your site for digital marketing, you will need to install a plugin.

Tips for Choosing an Effective WordPress SEO Plugins:

If you want to get a quality WordPress SEO plugin, look for these features:

  •  It ensures that the plugin will work quickly and efficiently without slowing down your website.
  • Each section of the plugin’s code should also be meticulously documented to make it easier to understand. The efficiency of a WordPress plugin relies on its well-written code.
  • The best SEO plugin will provide a number of different SEO capabilities, allowing you to require less plugins overall.
  • Some SEO plugins have just one feature and do only one action, like “301 redirections,” whereas the best SEO plugins offer a range of features that make them a complete and successful plugin since they handle multiple jobs.
  • Your website’s page load times will increase proportionally as you add more and more plugins. Users must be able to understand how the plugin’s many features work; therefore, this is why documentation is so important.
  • A good SEO plugin will walk the user through each step of configuring the plugin by providing thorough instructions for doing so, preferably in the form of a tooltip.
  • Superior SEO plugins always provide excellent support for their users. The WordPress plugin support forums often provide free assistance with the available SEO plugins.
  • You should look at the plugin’s creator’s support forum to see whether you’ll get any assistance if you run into any problems before deciding to install an SEO plugin.
  • A high number of positive customer reviews and ratings is a strong sign that the WordPress SEO plugin in question will be beneficial to your website. If you’re seeking a well-maintained and helpful free WordPress SEO plugin, go no further than the reviews area of the plugin’s website

Is it necessary to use SEO plugins for WordPress?

You can optimize your posts and pages without using any additional WordPress SEO plugins. If you understand SEO fundamentals and keep up with the latest algorithm changes, you may be able to get good results without the need for plugins.

Typically, SEO plugins will provide suggestions for improving your site’s readability and visibility in search engine results. However, you are ultimately responsible for making the necessary optimizations.

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WordPress has all the default settings and functionality you need to create search engine-friendly content right away.

All of these errands are important to search engine optimization. If you can remember to do basic SEO tasks without a plugin, more power to you.

Even if you decide not to use any SEO plugins, there are a plethora of other tools you may use to do keyword research and competition analysis. These may also help you identify problem areas and learn what’s causing your site’s rankings to drop.

Avoid doing this

It’s a common misconception among beginners that simply installing and activating a WordPress SEO plugin will guarantee them high search engine rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that requires regular attention to achieve the best results.

Any of the best SEO plugins will automatically add an SEO title, meta tags, and focus key phrase to every piece of content you publish. There’s also a preview of how your website will appear in Google search results.

If you want more people to click on your search engine results page, you should improve the quality of your page’s title and description.

Top 10 SEO plugins for WordPress:

Top SEO plugin for WordPress

The effectiveness of your site is directly proportional to the quality of the SEO plugin you use. A number of WordPress plugins provide a broad range of SEO features, however, only a subset of these plugins covers everything needed for on-page SEO.

Determine your site’s SEO needs before settling on a plugin.

1-Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that is widely used for search engine optimization. This free plugin provides almost all of the functionality you’ll have to rank your content. Meta description scoring, SERP previews, and XML sitemap creation are just some of the features that come standard.

Insights into on-page SEO performance are a notable addition:

It will tell you how to optimize your page’s title, meta description, and URL for your target keyword, as well as whether or not you’ve used the term sufficiently (or too frequently) throughout the page. It’s a how-to guide for optimizing everything to work together.

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Good for:

If you have a team of writers on staff, they will love this plugin since it prioritizes the user experience and provides actionable suggestions for improving content performance. If they use Yoast, they may perhaps please both users and google search without memorizing every single SEO best practice there is.

2-All In One SEO Plugin

All in One SEO Plugin for WordPress

Another popular choice for those looking to carry out on-page SEO is All in One SEO (AIO SEO), which is utilized by over 2,000,000 specialists. The SEO audit checklist included in the plugin will analyze each page of your WordPress website for problems and provide actionable advice on how to boost your site’s search engine optimization and visitor numbers.

AIO SEO can also generate and publish meta tags to popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo on your behalf. Important features include schema, the data model, accelerated mobile pages, local search engine optimization, and more.

Good for:

This is a great way to save time and money for local and small business owners that rely on online searches to generate leads, customers, and revenue.

3-Rank Math SEO Plugin

Math Rank SEO WordPress Plugin

Rank Math is the only all-encompassing WordPress SEO plugin. This all-inclusive bundle includes an on-page SEO analysis tool, interaction with Google Search Console, keyword recommendations, a 404 monitor, a redirections plugin, and a crawling module.

Rank Math incorporates the features of at least seven different plugins.

  • It’s an all-inclusive SEO instrument that makes getting high rankings simple.
  • The straightforward Setup Wizard allows you to get going without delay.
  • It immediately evaluates your articles’ on-page SEO and delivers recommendations based on historical data that has been demonstrated to improve rankings for your desired term.
  • Google crawl difficulties are shown in the plugin. Identifying problem areas and devising solutions might be helpful.
  • Using the Rank Math plugin, you may have your images’ alt and title tags generated automatically. As a result, the process of optimizing images for search engines is simplified.
  • The titles and meta content of your articles, pages, categories, objects, etc. may be easily modified using Rank Math.

4-Rankie SEO Plugin

Rankie SEO Plugin for WordPress

When thinking about ways to boost your website’s visibility in search engines, you should also consider the Rankie plugin. It’s essentially a tool for tracking how well your site performs on search engine results pages.

The advantages of using Rankie include:

  • Having your website’s keyword rankings on Google constantly monitored and updated
  • Receiving monthly reports detailing your website’s performance in search engine results and many more besides.
  • Additionally, Rankie provides a keyword research tool to help find the best keywords to focus on for higher rankings.
  • Rankie records all of your search terms and adds them to your dashboard so you can keep an eye on them.
  • You may use its four separate methods to determine where your website stands in relation to certain keywords on Google.


  • Rely heavily on auxiliary SEO software.
  • Considered a plugin for tracking rankings, but with limited SEO features.

5-SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly WordPress Plugin

To those who aren’t already familiar with SEO, we provide SEO Squirrly. That promise is kept thanks to the comprehensive SEO package it provides, which includes no complicated add-ons. When compared to the other plugins we’ve covered, SEO Squirrly provides original SEO recommendations.

In particular, SEO Squirrly’s following qualities make it stand out as a great choice:

  • While you are writing the content, the keywords will be optimized.
  • To view suggestions and results in Yoast, you often have to save the content, however, this method is more straightforward.
  • If you’re replacing an older SEO plugin for WordPress with Squirrly, all of your settings will be preserved.
  • It’s possible to outrank the competition with the use of a technology that analyses their strategies.
  • Squirrly allows you to share reports containing relevant material with other team members. In order to help a writer improve their SEO skills, you may provide them with the finished product once you’ve written the post.
  • You’ll get weekly updates on your progress and access to a handy tool that compiles and presents the most relevant tweets from the last week that relate to your topics.
  • You might get motivation and suggestions for enhancing your writing from this.

6-Ahrefs SEO Plugin

Ahrefs SEO Optimizer

After years as a trusted SEO toolbox for keyword research and other SEO data for campaigns, Ahrefs created a WordPress plugin to provide even more helpful insights straight to your dashboard.

Some of its most noteworthy features include a content audit tool that provides real-time recommendations while you write content, an SEO analysis based on data from your Google Analytics account, and a backlink analysis utilizing the largest backlink database accessible.

Good for:

If you have many teams that you want access to, don’t leave anybody out. Managers of social media accounts, public relations professionals, and creators of online material might all use this information. It is possible that partners and guest writers that might assist improve traffic to your site could be discovered by analyzing your backlink profile.

7-Broken Link Checker SEO Plugin

How to Check Broken Link

When there are broken links on a website, it slows down dramatically. They make it more difficult for search engines to index and rank your site’s content. Also, the impression you leave on your readers will be unfavorable.

It is, therefore, essential to identify and repair the broken connections inside and across systems.

This WordPress plugin can handle any website, no matter how large. It monitors your whole library, ensuring that no pages are missing or broken links are repaired.


What is SEO Quake

SEOquake uses a method that is quite different from the usual. With a Google Chrome extension, you can do SEO audits without entering a dashboard.

You may also export your findings from an internal and external link analysis and use them in the creation of key performance indicators.

9-SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SemRush SEO Writing Assistant for WordPress

Even while it is not as widely used as some other options, the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant plugin for WordPress is a solid choice.

The only way to use SEMrush is to sign up for a free account. Access to a single template is included, but if you want more options you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant grades your content on many criteria, including whether or not the “writing is SEO friendly.” At that point, suggestions for enhancing the readability and/or search-friendliness of your material may appear.

You may also use the application to get suggestions based on the terms you enter.


SEOPress on site SEO

SEOPress is perfect for business owners that want to redesign. Their websites provide better experiences for their customers but also need to optimize their content in bulk.

If you’re worried about overloading your website with plugins, SEOPress provides a comprehensive solution for all of your SEO needs, such as breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, and sitemaps. Check for broken links, tweak your titles and meta descriptions, and send your sitemap to Google all from inside the WordPress dashboard.

Good for:

Ideal for large, data-heavy websites that need to run smoothly at all times.


If you’re using WordPress, we hope you’ve learned something from this article on how to properly optimize it for search engines. If you use the best WordPress SEO plugin, you will be ahead of most websites.

In case of better results, though, you should follow WordPress SEO best practices.

When the search engines crawl your site and index your changes. This might take a few months. You should see an increase in traffic if you use a number of these WordPress SEO methods today.



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