How to Unlock Chegg Answers? Free Chegg Answers || 2023

Free Chegg Answers: If you are a student and want to get solutions to various difficult questions from Chegg to make your study easier. But unfortunately, you don’t have a Chegg premium account. And you are looking for a way to unlock Chegg answers. So don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Where you will be given unblur Chegg answers within 30 mins.

If you don’t know anything about Chegg, let me tell you. This is the biggest online study platform. Which helps the students in study sitting at home. Where you can find answers to almost all the difficult questions. Here you can find the answers to all the difficult problems up to Matric, FSc, BS, and MPhil level.

And let me tell you – if you can’t find the answer to your question on this site, you don’t need to worry. There are numerous experts who work at Chegg. Here you can just post a question and experts can provide you with answers within 1 to 2 hours.

When you go to the Chegg site and see that you are getting answers to all your questions but they are blurred. If you want free Chegg Answers, here are some steps to follow in this article.

The Chegg website is becoming more and more popular in the case of online study. In the future, many educational institutions will choose online classes. And it will discuss Chegg, the largest educational institution that conducts online classes and homework. So far, Chegg’s services are limited to American education.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an online study platform that is situated in Santa Clara, California (America). It provides textbooks, textbooks solutions, physical rentals, online tutoring, math solver tool, and more student study services. Also, it checks assignments and papers for plagiarism.

In addition, Chegg provides scholarships to students all over the world. Furthermore, in its services, it gives internships for students.

Many people have recently registered on Chegg. Chegg is working since 2003 but it was not as popular as it used to be now. And the reason is that in COVID-19, all the educational institutions started teaching online. Assignments and even Exams are conducted online. Therefore, students take help from the Chegg website for different purposes. In which, take textbook solutions, get solutions of their assignments, and during exams get solutions from Chegg experts.

Even the Chegg Policies can’t allow experts and students to solve a question for an exam. But some people use it for cheating in exams it depends on us. We can use it in a positive way or in a negative way. It’s subscription is not-affordable for students. So, get Free Chegg Answers here just fill the form below.

There are two ways to join the Chegg site. One of them is to get some help related to our study. Mean as a student we can join it. Secondly, join it as a tutor. As tutors, we can make money online by helping other students to provide solutions to their problems. Also, teach students as a tutor and also earn money.

Chegg’s Services

Chegg markets provide the following services categories below:

Chegg Study: There are two subscriptions are available for this plan. First Subscription is 14.95$ for one month. It includes Home Work help, Textbook Solutions, Online experts Q&A’s help (20 post questions), millions of previously asked questions bank. The second Subscription is 19.95$ with a one-month duration. It includes the same Home-Work help(millions of pre-solved questions bank), Online experts Q&A’s help with 20 post questions, lot of Text-Book Solutions, extra things in this plan are; Math Solver help, EasyBibe help, Plagiarism check.

Chegg Prep: This service of Chegg is 100 percent free. It is the self-study tool in Chegg, you can use, create, and share flashcards. Using this feature you can create flashcards for yourself or study from others created. Anytime, anywhere when you want open cards and review them from any device or Chegg prep app. You can also search about 500 million prewrite flashcards to find the most relevant cards to your subject.

Textbook Rental: The Chegg give online and physical books to students on rent base with affordable price. It is a big draw for Chegg’s website. If students buy a physical textbook, they can also get a digital copy of the same book before arriving physical textbook. Furthermore, they send the digital books through email provided by users. Moreover, by finding Unlock Chegg Answers providing platform, in return of textbook rental they give 30days trial study account. Don’t miss this offer if you buy a book from Chegg.

Chegg Writing: This service is about online paper checking to make sure you can do your best. It includes plagiarism and deep grammar checking. In which you can upload your written paper and check Plagiarism in it. Also, it can highlight your grammar mistakes.

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Free Chegg Answers

Due to the COVID-19, all the educational institutions started education online. and all students’ classes began to be online in which their homework, assignments, projects, and even exams are conducted online. So, many students get help from online different sites.

Thousands of platforms are available on the internet that helps in the study. In which some of the websites work on specific subjects like math, electronics, etc. In which Chegg is a very popular site for study. Chegg is different from all other sites because it provides all types of solutions. Therefore, its demand in the market is very high. Because students get all of their solutions from this platform.

One thing more that makes Chegg unique is working experts there. If students can’t find their solutions, then they can post your question and get an answer within 1 to 2 hours. The answer provides by Chegg experts is mostly 100% accurate and valuable.

In the case of any doubt related to the answer, experts are always here to recheck your answer and upload it again. Overall, mean to say you’re always connected to experts as per your answer.

Now, If you want to Unblur Chegg Answers read the article carefully. Below, I explain how to get answers to step by step complete guide.

How to Unblur Chegg Answers?

If you can’t buy a Chegg account and look for any other platform that helps you to unblur Chegg solutions. I can tell you that, you’re at the right place. Yes, we offer you to get unlimited Chegg answers any time 24/7.

Now, I am going to explain to you how to submit a form to us for Free Chegg Answers.

As you can see in the picture below:

Free Chegg Answers


( * ) These fields are compulsory. Submit the form very carefully.

Name: Enter your First Name & Last Name.

Country: In the second field enter your country name.

Phone Number: Next enter the phone number with your country code. i.e. +923427378152

Email: Enter the working email we send unblur answer through Email. So, carefully put email.

Drop Chegg Link: Drop Chegg Link per submission form submits 1 Link. For further Submit form again by refreshing the page or again visit our website the form will be reopened automatically.

You can find the form that submits us below. Just read the instructions carefully that you can get your answer on time.

One thing more when you receive your answer comment “Yes I get Answer”. This will help the new users. And also send your feedback us that we can improve it as our visitors want.

Get Unlocks Chegg Answers from mbzintech. Share it with your friends.

Free Chegg Answers

Contact us Directly to get free Chegg Answers.

How to Create a Free Trial account on Chegg?

If you are looking for a free trial account on Chegg and don’t know how to create it. I will explain to you step by step:

Chegg’s a free trial account to its users which has a 4-week duration. And Chegg provides this offer after buying any book on rent from there. After buying a book on rent, Chegg offer you to create a free study trial account for 1 month. Moreover, this offer is renewed after 1 month and payment will be deducted from your credit card or any given payment method. Furthermore, you can unsubscribe anytime in the case if you can use just its trial.

In this trial account, you can get 20 post questions. It means you can get solutions to 20 any type of question from Chegg experts. And also, you can get unlimited pre-solved textbook solutions, and almost 15 million-plus experts solve Q&As.

Steps to creating a free trial Chegg study account:

  • Go to google and search for
  • Sign in to Chegg with your Google account.
  • Buy any textbook which you want on rent(digital or physical).
  • Now, Chegg offer you for Free Trial Study account for 4 weeks.
  • You can just Subscribe to this offer by connecting your credit card or any supportable payment method.

You’re all done enjoy your Chegg free study trial account and unlock Chegg Answers.

Get Chegg Posts for free

This offer can’t provide any platform for free. But can provide you with Free Chegg Answers and also posts for free. If you want this offer then contact us through WhatsApp by clicking on the left-side WhatsApp icon.

On the internet doesn’t any platform give this offer to their users? Furthermore, for students, we solve difficult questions related to any course. Just contact us and get your solutions within 1 to 2 hours.

In Chegg’s posts, you can ask any type of difficult question from experts. Now, the question is how it works. The answer is; first contact us then send your query we can post it on Chegg and get an answer within 2 hours.

Why most people can’t give this type of offer for free? Because in Chegg 14.95$ subscription you can get just 20 posts for 1 month. And 20 posts are difficult to share with others for free. We also share it free but (get help to you for this post).

Buy Chegg Account at a very affordable price

Buy a Chegg account at a very low price in just 1100Rs. if you’re interested contact us at or WhatsApp. This offer is limited to just Pakistani viewers. As Chegg study premium account is in 14.95$ as compared to our offer. Our offer is much better.

Let me explain it more. In this offer, students can get unlimited Free Chegg Unlocks. Also 20 post questions for 1 month. Moreover, this account is working 100% accurately. In case of any type of issue, we will help you 24/7.


  • Contact us, and clear all queries if you have related to this offer.
  • Create a new email account or send an email that is not used before on Chegg (sign in).
  • Confirm your order by sending money. Three ways are available for payment; Easypaisa, JazzCash, and Bank account.
  • Get a Chegg premium account within 1 hour after the confirmed order.

How to use it?

We will provide you with a provided email with a password.

  • Use this email and password to log in to the Chegg premium account.
  • Confirm the email by putting the code that you will receive from the Chegg site through your email.
  • So, finally, you’re done. Enjoy your Chegg account for 1 month.
  • Furthermore, Free Chegg Answers are unlimited.

Things to keep in mind

The important things that every Chegg user keeps in mind while using it.

At a time login with just one device. Mean can’t use it at a time on 2 different devices. Even Chegg offers login to 2 different devices but you still can’t use it at a time with 2 devices. If anyone can’t follow it, then its account has been banned for the next 48hours.

While opening Chegg links for unlocking answers, can’t open any bad Chegg links. i.e. if you copy the link from Fb, etc.

Can’t use any chrome extension like; adblocker, cookies, or other not secure extensions. In this case, the account also has been banned on your device permanently.

The pricing plan of Chegg premium

Chegg gives several plans to their users:

Plans Price Duration Plan Include
Chegg Study 14.95$ 1 Month Unlimited Chegg Unlocks & 20 Tutor Post Questions
Chegg Study pack 19.95$ 1 Month Unlimited Chegg Unlocks, 20 Tutor Post Questions, & more.
Chegg Math Solver 9.95$ 1 Month Online math solver predesign calculator
Chegg Writing 9.95$ 1 Month Plagiarism Checker & Rewrite Paper

Alternatives For Chegg

Nowadays in the market, there are several alternatives are available for Chegg. Which gives help in studying pre-solved questions and tutor help for solving student queries.

Remember these alternatives are not free but they give some facilities to use for free. In which, like Coursehero demand to upload documents (Papers, Assignments, Quizzes, etc.) to unlock Coursehero Questions. Furthermore, you can buy its different plans and tutor questions.

These all alternatives help in the study; solved questions, homework tasks, pre-solved millions of questions, difficult queries, semester projects ideas, and much more.

Today, we are going to discuss some popular Chegg alternatives. Moreover, give Free Chegg Answers; offer to their users to get their alternatives Unlocks. See other articles on that.

Course Hero

Course Hero is an American education technology website company. It is situated in Redwood City, California. It operates an online learning platform for students to help with difficult home tasks. It’s a very popular platform that looks like Chegg. Like, unlock Chegg answers and get course hero unlocks from mbzintech.

It provides Millions of questions solved by tutors and uploaded by students. In which, Assignments, Semester projects, Quizzes, a lot of informative documents, and much more information related to study.

Course Hero Plans

It offers 3 different plans;

  1. 1-year membership available for just 9.95$ per month and pay 1 installment in advance of 119.40$
  2. 3-month membership available for 19.95$ per month and billed in 1 installment of 59.85$
  3. The 1-month membership price is 39.95$ per month

Course Hero Vs Chegg

Some differences/comparisons between Chegg and Course Hero to choose the best(affordable) study platform for you.

  1. Course Hero is very costly if you buy its monthly subscription plans as compared to Chegg.
  2. Chegg is very costly if you buy it for 1 year as compared to Course Hero.
  3. Chegg provides Unlimited Unlocks in its monthly plan but Course Hero gives limited Unlocks in each plan.

Course Hero Deal (Free Unlocks Answers)

It makes a deal with users by providing them with 5 unlocks after uploading 10 documents. In this deal, users can upload their 10 documents(assignments, Papers, quizzes, Questions, etc.). After uploading documents Course Hero processes them so that they are not copywritten. If the uploaded document is unique it will be approved and then you will get 5 unlocks for 1 month.

Bartleby is an electronic text archive headquartered. Which is situated in Los Angeles and named after Herman Melville’s story.” It is a way to make studying easier, and get solutions to hard questions. It works like Chegg’s millions of pre-solved answers from different textbooks and much more. Therefore, you can find any type of answer here. You can just put your question in the search box of Bartleby and bomb find the solution of the question also related.

Comparison to Chegg; Bartleby is a low price as compared to Chegg. Free Chegg Answers and Free Bartleby Answers both are unlimited.

Services of Bartleby

Bartleby gives different services:

Find Solutions (Find prewrite expert answers by searching your question in the Bartleby search bar).

Ask Questions (If you can’t find your question in Bartleby then no problem you can ask your question from Bartleby Experts. They can give you an accurate answer in a very low time.)

Proofread your paper (In proofread you can upload your paper in docx, txt, rtf, form to analyze it.)

Bartleby support Subjects

It supports different subjects in which Business, Engineering, Language, Math, Science, Social Science, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Bioengineering, Finance, Leadership, Accounting, Economics, Spanish, Advanced math, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Statistics, Trigonometry, Advanced Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology, Geometry, Probability, Algebra, Calculus, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Health & Nutrition, Nursing, Physics, Anthropology, Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Psychology.

Bartleby Pricing Plans

Bartleby gives a starting plan for the first week only for just $4.99. The second plan of 1 month for just $9.99 in which gives:

  • Unlimited access to textbook solutions.
  • Unlimited access to Q&A Library
  • 30 questions to ask from experts


Here, we discuss some queries related to Chegg. For further ask me via comment.

What type of Questions we can ask Chegg experts?

We can ask any type of question from Chegg experts. And get an answer within 2 hours. As Chegg service is online and works all over the world so they provide their services 24/7. Chegg experts provide us with 100% verified accurate answers. And also, we can give a rating via thumb down if the answer is incorrect or incomplete.

How many Questions Solve Chegg experts at a time?

According to Chegg rules, they can solve just 1 question at a time. But mostly, Chegg experts want to give their good quality they can solve more than one question.

How can I get Free Chegg answers?

Sorry, You can’t get Unlock Chegg answers, if you can’t buy its subscription. If you want Unblur Chegg answers then you can get help from any platform or any person who has its subscription. Don’t worry in this article you can get answers for free we can provide this service to our users.

Do Chegg answers paid?

Yes, the Chegg answers are paid. If you want to use Chegg services (Solutions & Posts), you have to pay them first and then use their services. They provide different plans see mentioned above in the table.

Can Chegg provide any trial study account?

Yes, Chegg provide a 30days trial account. In which you can get unlimited Chegg unlocks and 20Posts questions. Now, the question is how we can start this plan. First, you can buy or rent a Book from Chegg then they can give an option in which we can start our free study plan for a 30days duration period. And the details are available above see in this article.

How to find questions in Chegg?

I can see most students give me the question to upload on Chegg for Answer. But they can’t search it properly. Their QA’s is available in Chegg. Now, how you can search your question properly; in the case of an image, first convert it into text through google lens. Then go to the Chegg search bar and paste the question. Now get better results for the question.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I can share my knowledge and provide my users with Free Chegg Answers. I’m also an expert on Chegg playing with this platform for one year. In this article, I share knowledge about Chegg how to create an account, how to use its trial, how to Unblur Chegg answers, and much more. The main thing that we can give to our users is Unlock Chegg Answers. Next, I can share knowledge on how to create a Chegg experts account. If you have any queries please ask me via comment. I hope you can get help from this article please don’t forget to press the bell to subscribe to our blog. So that, you can get the latest updates in your inbox. Thanks for reading my article.


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