How to Make Money from Online Blogging? | 2023

Often friends receive questions in which friends keep asking questions about how to make money from online blogging, many friends lose what they have in the cycle of making money online and then blame. There are people who have told them a little about making money online.

How to Make Money from Online Blogging?

This usually happens when a new friend enters the world of the internet and as soon as he arrives, he makes money, but if it is said that he comes to internet blogging, it is because he earns money online. It would not be wrong to do so.

The following article will try to make you aware of some ways to earn money through online blogging of friends, although it will not be a complete cover, after reading this article you will know something about it. Will definitely go.

First, keep in mind that just as it is difficult to make money in everyday life, it is not at all easy to make money online, if someone tries to convince you it is very easy to make money online. Understand that he is a liar and you can do nothing but waste your hard work and money.


Most people who want to make money from the internet are initially told about ad clicks, ad posting, and other similar ways to make money and if someone has set up a small website of his own, he is advised. We know him to put Google ads on his website and click on these ads in different ways and make money from online blogging.

Remember that all such methods are completely wrong and based on lies and these methods can not only make a lasting profit but also ban your website. In the days to come, different websites will come up with such claims.

Are frequently visited by users who are tricked into earning money after registering, and some even seem to promise incomes ranging from 100 to thousands 1,000 for working a few hours a day, often on such websites. There is a registration fee and then they give their users various tasks that it pays them to complete.

How did it work?

It always relates these tasks to opening some links, posting some ads, or writing something on some websites. Owners earn double, either by collecting a registration fee from customers. Which running an entire network that usually posts fake ads or clicks on ads. Make money from online blogging is not so easy. They expect to earn but in a few days or a few.

After a week, these websites are shut down, which not only robs the users of their actual earnings but also if they visit the dashboard of this website. But even if you have to earn a few dollars, you lose access to them. So the foremost thing to keep in mind is that there is no way to earn like this and it is a source of wastage of your hard work and money.

How many ways to earn money online?

Here are some basic ways to make money online

  1. Freelancing
  2. Completing an online survey
  3. Website Research
  4. Online Marketing Trends
  5. Build your website and make money from it
  6. Writing reviews of websites and apps
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Article writing
  9. Buying and Selling Domain Names
  10. Making money from YouTube videos
  11. Buying and selling digital currency
  12. Forex Trading
  13. Make Money From Online Blogging

And there are dozens of similar ways to make money online. The most important thing to keep in mind is that in order to earn money in all these ways, it is a basic condition that you have wonderful knowledge in the relevant field. Without this knowledge, you cannot do anything.

In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to a little about online blogging:

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How to start earning money online?

Friends, in order to make money from online blogging, you must first know what a blog is. A blog is a website on which people either engage in various discussions or provide fresh information to other people. If you can make money from online blogging, deliver as Urdu Blog tries to convey information to its users in the Urdu language through similar tutorials. To put it more simply, it would not be wrong to compare today’s blogging with a diary from a few years ago that people used to write daily. The only difference is that then the diary was limited to your own caste and The world reads.

How many Ways

There are many ways to create a blog and many platforms ranging from your own domain and hosting to free domain and hosting. Among the free platforms available, Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular platforms where we can not only get free domains but also free hosting.

To create your blog, create an account on one of the two platforms which is free and after completing the rest of the procedure there you will become the owner of your blog and make money from online blogging.

Then comes the stage of the blog, so you have to make a complete plan for what the blog will look like.

How to Start

First, do some research work on which topic the blog is based on. Always choose a topic that is very interesting on the internet and a topic that people want to read but there is more content on the internet. Not available.

There is a lot of emphasis on Niche Blogging these days in which we selected a specific item and all the blog posts revolve around it. For example, if you want to write about cars, in Niche Blogging you can find one of the Select the segment and then write about it. For example, you choose new car prices in the car industry and then always write about it.

How to research for the blog?

Before creating a blog you have to do thorough research about it, then choose a topic, and then choose the design of your blog. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Once you have completed these steps, start writing your posts about the topic you have chosen.

Do these posts and search engine optimization of your blog, get links to your blog, and build your links on other blogs so that your Blogs appear on the first page in search engines. Connect your blog with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites and try to get more followers on them. So that you can make money from online blogging as more traffic gets more revenue from ads.

When applying for AdSense

when apply for google adsense

Perform this process very well and slowly which can take weeks, months, or even years. Once you have created a blog, don’t just give up the idea of ​​earning from it, but any such effort will be bad for your blog. Can.

Now that your blog has become popular and search engines are placing your blog, now is the time to monetize your blog. The easiest way to do this is to use Google. AdSense is a lively blog with good content and great content. Apply for Google AdSense which will hopefully be approved soon.

Then apply Google AdSense to your blog and earn money. Because Google allows you to Will show ads and pays for clicks on them. But be aware that any attempt to improperly drive traffic to your blog or encourage people to click on the ads on your blog eventually. This will be noticed by Google and eventually, your account will be blocked.

Here are some of the best ways to earn money through blogs

As shown in the picture above, there are dozens of ways to make money from online blogging. Choose the one you like and think you can work with this method and start earning. The following is a very brief introduction to these methods.


Advertise different companies and their products on your blog, advertise them and make money from these companies, the most popular method is Google AdSense but there are many other ways available besides this.

Event Blogging

Host events of different communities and agencies for different people on your blog, make them available online and get paid for it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate your blog with various companies and online shopping sites. Sell their products on your blog or help buyers reach them and in return get your share of the earnings from them. So, in this way you can also make money from online blogging.

Promote online businesses

Promote a variety of online businesses on your blog, help them find customers. And also promote their business, and get paid according to a deal.

Online services

Provide a variety of online services on your blog. Such as freelancing platforms, coaching, online classes, online training, and many more.

Buy and Sell Online

Start selling your own or other people’s products directly from your blog and make a profit. These products can be material or even virtual, such as online bookstores. Where people can download books or everyday items such as groceries. Sell ​​items or anything and make a profit.

Other methods

There are countless other ways to earn money through your blog. But such as raising funds for someone and receiving your share of it. Creating a blog and selling it and then creating the next blog and selling it, etc.


Here are some ways you can make money from online blogging. But at last, Making money online is difficult at all, it requires constant hard work. Also constant dedication, otherwise in the end you see that I also tried hard but could not earn.



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